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The Great Return: Come Back to a Clean Office

July 1, 2022 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

The Great Return is underway as companies bring workers back to existing offices or move into new digs to better suit changing business models. Much trepidation still surrounds the return to the office environment in this post-pandemic era. During this time, the preparation and presentation of the office environment will be key in keeping a... READ MORE

Brighten Your Office with Regular Window Cleaning

June 15, 2022 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

Summer is here, with blue skies and sunny days. It’s the perfect time to let the sun shine in during the workday – but if all you see are filmy, streaked windows, then it’s time to call Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services. We offer specialized window cleaning packages to brighten your view. Whether you work... READ MORE

The Many Benefits of Having a Clean Desk

June 10, 2022 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

To clean or not to clean? Is a messy desk a sign of genius and creativity? Does a neat desk represent efficiency, order and productivity? Every office has them – the cleaners and the pilers – the neat desks and the cluttered desks. People usually fall into one of two camps, but does it really... READ MORE

Hidden Office Germs: What You Should Know

April 15, 2022 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

Dust and dirt and germs, oh my! There are obvious places that we expect to find germs, but they can be sneaky little buggers and show up in unexpected places as well. Instead of adding one more thing to your to-do list, call our professionals and let us handle all your cleaning needs. From disinfection... READ MORE