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Commercial Disinfection Services
Create Clean, Safe Workplaces

Cleaning and disinfection have taken center stage around the U.S. and the world since spring 2020. You need the expertise of your commercial cleaning partners more than ever to help you navigate changing guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We can help. Office Pride cleans for health, putting the safety of our clients first. We use EPA-approved chemicals that are proven effective against pathogens such as flu and coronavirus, and our professional cleaners follow recommendations for dwell times that disinfectants must sit on surfaces to kill germs.

Office Pride locations are equipped with electrostatic sprayers, which enhance disinfection of a facility by getting around corners and into cracks and crevices that manual cleaning methods cannot reach. Our proprietary Healthy Clean System™ offers three levels of sanitizing and disinfecting services to meet every customer’s needs and keep your workplace as safe as possible.

Services may vary by location. Contact us for a free estimate today.

Commercial cleaning employee cleaning office bathroom

What is the purpose
of disinfection?

Whether you’re battling COVID-19, flu or seasonal allergies, our disinfection services can take your routine cleaning to the next level.

Cleaning removes dirt you can see, such as debris or pollen tracked in on the carpet or floor, dust on a desk, etc. Traditional cleaning methods keep your office looking good and sanitize surfaces.

It is no longer enough to make an office look clean; it must be disinfected regularly to kill the germs you do not see. Routine disinfection is the key to keeping your employees and customers healthy.

commercial cleaner wiping down glass divider between restaurant and public walk way inside office building

What are the disinfection options?

Preventative and Post-Outbreak Cleaning

Office Pride’s proprietary Healthy Clean System™ offers three levels of sanitizing and
disinfecting services to meet every customer’s needs.

Professional cleaner in white wearing yellow gloves cleaing a surface area with liquid spray bottle and blue rag
Healthy Clean

Our signature high-quality cleaning services, with the health and safety of your employees and customers in mind.

professional commercial cleaner spraying door handles of a coporate office with cleaner liquid and wiping them with a white rag
Superior Clean

Our signature high-quality cleaning services, plus disinfection of high-touch surfaces, to ensure a clean, safe work environment.

two professional cleaners wearing white suits, one is moping the floor while the other is spraying cleaner fluid with canister in his hand
Premium Clean

Includes all aspects of our signature high-quality cleaning services, disinfection of high-touch surfaces, with the addition of sanitizing and disinfecting your entire office.

We work closely with customers to create a customizable plan that addresses their unique needs. Following a routine cleaning schedule performed by trained professionals can help reduce the spread of germs that cause illness.

Although we recommend routine cleaning and disinfection services, Office Pride cleaners are also available to handle one-time projects for customers whenever they need them. Learn more about special services here.

contactless sanitization of theater seating for commercial venue

What Our Clients Have to Say

“They did an amazing job and went above and beyond what I expected! We will definitely be using their service again! Number one in my book!”

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“Absolutely the best commercial cleaners in the area providing prompt service, friendly staff and professional cleaners. Absolutely trustworthy, they have my complete confidence. I would not use any other service other than Office Pride Lee’s Summit!”

Seth Walker