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Why Is It Important to Keep the Church Clean?

February 28, 2024 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

A church isn’t just a building for its parishioners – it’s a place where they come to connect with their faith and build community. The crowds that a church attracts to its services and other gatherings is precisely why it is important to keep the church clean. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness. And... READ MORE

Few topics can get parents fired up more than day care satisfaction and what they like or dislike about their children’s caregivers. Although nearly everyone has to decide which childcare criteria are most important to them – the location of a day care center, the cost, the amount of one-on-one time children get – almost... READ MORE

Create a Partnership with Your Cleaning Company in 2024

December 15, 2023 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to evaluate what you need and want out of a partnership with your commercial cleaning company. Maintaining a clean and organized office in 2024 is about more than aesthetics – it’s about creating a conducive environment for your employees that fosters productivity, health and positivity.... READ MORE

When it comes to hosting special events around the holidays, take a tip from Taylor Swift when it comes to the mess – “Shake it Off.” Let Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services handle it. While you might not technically party like a rock star, with smashed guitars and trashed hotel rooms, special events and celebrations... READ MORE

What workplace detail can make or break a good impression about your business, whether retail store, office building or medical clinic? Restroom cleanliness. Ask yourself, “Why are clean bathrooms important to my business?” Then call Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services. The cleanliness of a facility’s restrooms tells a story – either one of concern for... READ MORE

Former Marine Sergeant Finds Success at Office Pride

November 1, 2023 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

When Nate Alderette left his nearly 10-year career in the U.S. Marine Corps last year, the transition into civilian life was jarring. As a sergeant, he was used to being in charge, people knew him, he mentored younger Marines and was often considered the go-to guy to get things done. But when his service ended,... READ MORE

How Can I Prevent Colds and Flu in the Workplace?

October 15, 2023 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

It’s flu season again and time to get serious about keeping your employees healthy and on the job, now and in the year ahead. What steps can you take to prevent colds and flu in the workplace? In addition to routine cleaning of your workplace, cold and flu season calls for more frequent disinfection of... READ MORE

There are behind-the-scenes unsung heroes, and then there are the rarely seen unsung heroes. This Oct. 2, on National Custodial Workers Recognition Day, we are singing the praises of the hard-working people who keep your workplace clean and your employees healthy. In the not-so-distant past, custodians were rarely seen during regular business hours and thought... READ MORE