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Few topics can get parents fired up more than day care satisfaction and what they like or dislike about their children’s caregivers. Although nearly everyone has to decide which childcare criteria are most important to them – the location of a day care center, the cost, the amount of one-on-one time children get – almost... READ MORE

What workplace detail can make or break a good impression about your business, whether retail store, office building or medical clinic? Restroom cleanliness. Ask yourself, “Why are clean bathrooms important to my business?” Then call Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services. The cleanliness of a facility’s restrooms tells a story – either one of concern for... READ MORE

Tips for Cleaning Offices During the Holidays

September 30, 2023 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

Office holiday parties are a great way for employees to bond and celebrate the holiday season together. However, they can also leave behind a mess that can be challenging to clean up. Dropped, crusty pieces of food left behind, shredded decorations stuck to walls and inadvertent spills of drinks on office carpets are just a... READ MORE

Summer Cleaning Checklist for Government Buildings

May 15, 2023 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

When schools dismiss students for summer vacation, that also means it’s time for government employees to take their family vacations.   That translates to empty offices, limited staff and nearly vacant parking lots.   Those months when government buildings are on a limited staffing schedule provide the perfect opportunity to get organized and develop a summer cleaning... READ MORE

Why Clean Restrooms Matter So Much 

September 6, 2022 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

Let’s get real – no one really wants to talk about bathrooms, much less clean them. However, bathroom cleanliness is serious business, so let’s get it out in the open. In these post-pandemic years, sanitization is a hot topic everywhere. At Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, clean restrooms are a top priority.  It doesn’t take... READ MORE

Making Your Customers Comfortable

July 15, 2022 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

Have you ever been in a restaurant with sticky menus? Or a doctor’s office with no toilet paper in the restroom? Cleanliness may seem like an obvious standard for restaurants and medical facilities, but studies show that most of us care about cleanliness in all the businesses we frequent. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services has... READ MORE

Office Window Washing: Brighten Your Office

June 15, 2022 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

Summer is here, with blue skies and sunny days. It’s the perfect time to let the sun shine in during the workday – but if all you see are filmy, streaked windows, then it’s time to call us. We offer specialized office window washing cleaning packages to brighten your view. The Importance of Office Window... READ MORE

Deep Clean Your Office

May 15, 2022 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

For the benefit of staff and customers alike, it is important to keep your facility clean and well maintained. Routine daily and weekly cleanings are a must but giving your office space or facility a deep clean is just as important. Studies show when an office is clean, there are corresponding increases in productivity and... READ MORE