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What Should You Expect From Your Commercial Cleaning Service  Is there such a thing as “too clean?” Not likely, but what is considered “clean enough” or “just right” for your office space? As a business owner or office manager, how do you set expectations for your commercial cleaning service? At Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, we want... READ MORE

  Professionally trained staff, Green SealTM-Certified commercial cleaning products and a special system that mitigates cross-contamination yield top-notch results There are many reasons commercial establishments need to focus on continual, thorough cleaning. Most importantly, there are the first impressions: a clean and inviting business presents a professional image to your customers and assures them of... READ MORE

Office Pride is a Faith-Based Business. What Does This Mean?

October 15, 2018 | AUTHOR: Tammy Wright

Founded on Biblical principles, the commercial cleaning service believes in going the extra mile for the customer and in serving with honor and integrity You may have heard that Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services is a faith-based business, but you might not be sure what that means. You might have some questions about how it... READ MORE

Office spaces are traps for dust mites and other allergens and regular commercial cleaning is the only way to combat them effectively   Staying on top of dust can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle. Dust can make even the best businesses look unprofessional. What’s worse, dust mites, which are related to spiders, can lurk... READ MORE

Office Pride floor care services includes hardwood and regular carpet cleaning to kill germs and keep businesses looking their best A clean workplace from the ground up is important for many reasons. It projects your business in the best light possible. Equally important, cleanliness means fewer germs and more productive employees. While many commercial facilities... READ MORE

The True Cost of Using Dirty Sanitation Tools

October 25, 2017 | AUTHOR: Tammy Wright

Office Pride’s color-coded systems and professional cleaning tools prevent cross-contamination in office cleaning Would you get rid of a tree stump using a kitchen knife? You need the correct tool to fit the job. The same theory should extend to commercial office cleaning jobs, but it’s surprising just how many vendors continue to use inefficient... READ MORE