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Officepride, Office Cleaning Services Have Gone Green!

By now you are probably well aware of the fact that Officepride is one of the best office cleaning businesses in the United States, however I bet you didn’t know that they are now one of the most eco-friendly choices as well!

That is right, we are now proud to offer Green Office Cleaning alternatives, which means that we provide the same level of quality service with an environmentally friendly touch. This is just one more way that Officepride is able to meet the needs of business both large and small, while also adhering to the mission statements and core values of our clients.

About Officepride’s Green Office Cleaning Initiative:

At no additional cost our Officepride operators can now provide for you eco-friendly and environmentally sound cleaning alternatives. Essentially this just means that you get the same high-quality office cleaning services, with additional consideration to the environmental effect of our cleaning methods.

Officepride is now specialized in providing “green cleaning solutions”. Applying these to all of our cleaning procedures and methods. We promise not to use harsh or toxic chemicals in your work environment and all the cleaning products, which we do use in our office cleaning, are certified environmentally safe and will be properly disposed once the job is done.

For our trusted clients this now means that they are not only getting a thorough cleaning of their workspace, but they are also getting an Office Cleaning that they can feel good about- No more exposure to harsh chemicals or cleaning products in their place of business.

Officepride Cleaning Services Care About Our Customers AND The Environment!

At the end of the day we know that your workspace is like a second home to you, and this is why Officepride is dedicated to providing the most modern techniques in cleaning technology. We also believe that “less is more” and “green is better”, this is why we have chosen to provide office cleaning services that are kind to the environment as well as safe, while also providing the same level of true clean and sanitation within the facilities that we serve. Below is a list of some of the new environmental office cleaning methods that Officepride has adopted.

– Non-toxic chem-free cleaning methods such as; steam sanitation, and natural cleaning products
– Use of microfiber mops, cloths, and other re-washable cleaning tools
– Modern eco-friendly cleaning equipment such as vacuums, and floor buffers
– Ability to accommodate and green related “special cleaning requests” for our clients

Officepride is happy to do our part by providing eco-friendly and economical office cleaning solutions for business owners in the United States. These services are available at all of our locations upon request and do not cost any more than traditional cleaning services.

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