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You Host the Company Party; We Clean Up

December 17, 2019 | AUTHOR: Tammy Wright

Whether you operate a business, school, church, hospital or other commercial facility, the holidays can be a somewhat hectic – and challenging – time of year. Traffic increases with holiday visits and festive parties, weather changes can cause disruptions with tracked-in snow and salt, employees might battle winter colds or even the flu, and food... READ MORE

3 Tips for Efficient Winter Cleaning in Your Office

December 18, 2018 | AUTHOR: Tammy Wright

Who said cleaning should only be done in the spring? With so much of the winter spent enjoying the cozy indoors, it’s easy to forget about dirty boots tracking salt and snow on the floor, holiday messes from dropped cookies and spilled eggnog and of course, the dreaded flu season. To combat the wintertime mess... READ MORE