Why choose a commercial green cleaning company

Lots of businesses are hiring a commercial green cleaning company today not mainly because it’s a trend but because they have realized the real value of going green in cleaning their facility for their business. Many business owners today have understood the science behind the green cleaning and its undeniable benefits.

Here are some compelling reasons why go for commercial green cleaning

Healthier Office – Companies that offer commercial green cleaning services (like Office Pride) can deliver top notch quality cleaning results without compromising the health of the people in the facility, and this is by using environment-friendly cleaning solutions.

Better Air Quality – With green cleaning, the stench of strong chemicals that are common in traditional commercial cleaning is avoided. Office Pride for instance uses cleaning products that are Green Seal certified, which means, the company only uses cleaning solutions that have passed the standards for environmental friendliness (good for environment and people). Better air quality means better health.

Better Productivity – Cleaning an office in a healthier way provides the benefit of better productivity. An office that is spotless clean/sanitary reduces the risk of sick days for employees, which means more time for work, resulting to better productivity.

More economical – Some businesses are still having a second thought of going for a commercial green cleaning because of this common misconception: it’s expensive. The truth is, green cleaning can be more economical as one can even make a cleaning solution from natural products that can be found at home (e.g. Hydrogen Peroxide as an alternative to bleach).

Some signs that your commercial cleaner values green cleaning

  • It educates clients and potential clients about the importance of commercial green cleaning for a more sustainable environment
  • It faithfully follows the standards imposed by the authority on environment-friendly cleaning practices; it is transparent with its cleaning process
  • It promotes green cleaning through the use of environment-friendly cleaning solutions in its cleaning program (like Office Pride, which uses Green Seal certified products in cleaning)
  • It offers incentives for clients who are going green with the cleaning of their business facility (e.g. discount, added services)

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