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Tips for School Cleaning

Cleaning Tips for Schools

Your school is already making preparations for the new academic year. While parents, students, teachers, administrators and staff all have hopeful goals for the new school year, a clean, healthy place in which their children can learn is a top priority.

Let Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services take care of all you back-to-school cleaning needs. We clean elementary, middle and high schools, as well as colleges and universities. Office Pride will design a customized cleaning plan to meet the specific needs of your school and help you prepare over the summer. We will also partner with you for cleaning services throughout the school year, paying special attention to high-touch areas, gyms, restrooms and locker rooms.

Utilize Summer to Get Your School in A+ Condition for Orientation

While there are key areas to clean over the summer like classrooms, flooring, the gym and locker rooms, there are other spaces that require extra time and special attention during the summer break.


The cafeteria is the hub for gathering together. There is no doubt you want everything to sparkle in the cafeteria. From windows and door handles to tables and floors, you want your commercial cleaners to start at the top and work their way down so you can start the school year with a fully sanitized eating area.


A school auditorium requires specific attention to detail. Every chair back, armrest and anchor should be dusted and wiped down. Stains on fabric seats should be given the proper attention, and floors in the auditorium, the lobby and on the stage, should be pristine.

Front Office

The front office is usually buzzing with new parents, visitors and teachers. Let one of the first impressions of your school be a clean one. It’s up to staff to keep papers tidy and organized, but your commercial cleaner will make sure your windows are clear, the countertops are dust-free. They will also make sure the flooring, whether carpeted, wood or vinyl, looks great. A shiny floor or freshly vacuumed carpet reflects well on your school.

Get Ready for In-Person Classes

When students return full-time in the fall, high-touch surfaces are going to be particularly important. Professional commercial cleaners can use early mornings, after-school time and evenings to clean and apply disinfectant. Teachers also should have a plan, training and the proper tools to use during the school day.

Schools should follow recommended guidelines from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for teachers and integrate cleaning procedures into a daily plan.

  • Plan with staff and teachers. Discuss obstacles to routine cleaning and ways to overcome them.
  • Develop a schedule for routine cleaning. Modify your standard procedures to accommodate regularly cleaning at least once per day or as often as needed.

The CDC provides valuable resources that can be printed for teachers to follow.

Disinfect the Restrooms

The number one maintenance complaint in schools is unsanitary restrooms, which is a clear indicator that restroom cleanliness is highly important to parents, teachers and students. Some commercial cleaners, like Office Pride, clean the restrooms and then use tools like electrostatic sprayers to evenly covers surfaces with a commercial-grade disinfectant. This eliminates the need to wipe down surfaces and allows the disinfectant to remain on the surface for the required dwell time. Dwell time is the time that a disinfectant must remain on a surface to kill germs. Electrostatic sprayers are vital in the fight against the spread of germs that cause viruses such as COVID-19, flu and other respiratory illnesses.

Teach School Personnel and Students Proper Hand Hygiene

Of course, hand washing is a must. It is helpful to place reminders of proper hand washing techniques in restrooms. Cleaning and disinfecting are key to reducing exposure to germs and maintaining a safer environment. Help stop the spread of germs by keeping surfaces clean and reminding everyone at your school about the importance of hand hygiene. Hand washing posters for students of all ages can be ordered FREE through the CDC website.

Remember that professional commercial cleaners can prepare your school ready and keep it clean all year to help keep all who visit your campus healthy and safe. Office Pride has a track record of providing excellent maintenance cleaning and deep-cleaning services. To learn more, check out Office Pride’s franchise locations or call 888-641-2310 to request a free custom quote for all your cleaning and disinfection needs.