Office Pride’s School and Daycare Cleaning Is a Class Apart

Cleaning franchise wins top marks for meticulous attention to professional cleaning of educational facilities

The common narrative around schools and daycare centers is that they are a hotbed of germs. While you can’t help kids sneezing freely and not washing their hands, you can do something about the cleanliness and safety of your daycare business or school. You can ensure kids are coming to the best maintained facilities while minimizing the spread of germs with thorough professional cleaning.

Office Pride’s thorough daycare cleaning system ensures that every nook, cranny, desk and work surface kids are exposed to is precision cleaned. Employees of the national cleaning franchise take pride in their service delivery and are trained and vetted in all aspects of operational procedures.

While some cleaning agencies might use the same dusting rag or mops in the restroom and classroom, Office Pride works with a special color-coded cleaning system to avoid contamination of products and supplies. You can rest assured that each facility and room gets tailored, custom treatment. Office Pride’s commercial cleaning business also delivers extensive floor and carpet cleaning solutions to keep daycare centers and schools looking their best.

Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their kids are spending the day in top-notch facilities maintained by Office Pride. The national cleaning franchise uses only Green Seal™ certified products which are safe for everyday use. Instead of residential cleaning supplies that don’t do the job on a large scale, Office Pride uses professional cleaning systems and supplies.

Office Pride keeps daycare centers and schools and other commercial institutions looking their very best. A combination of color-coded cleaning systems, professional cleaning supplies and a highly trained staff means your institution will always shine. Office Pride also delivers a Custom Cleaning Specification for each client which means facility managers can dictate what will be cleaned when and modify the plan as needed.

With Office Pride, daycare centers and educational facilities need no longer be a refuge for germs but clean and inviting spaces.

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