Office Pride shares spring cleaning checklist

Office Pride has been providing different clients from different states with top quality office cleaning and commercial cleaning services. With offices present in strategic locations across the country, clients can rest assured that there will be professional Office Pride technicians ready to cater to all of their commercial cleaning needs. Office Pride has established a 24/7 emergency cleaning program to see to it that clients are provided services right when they need it.

Apart from Office Pride’s goal to always deliver commercial cleaning services that a good-paying client deserves to receive, we also aim to be a provider of information that the company believes useful — in one way or another — to regular clients as well as to prospects through the company website.

In this post, we wanted to share some useful insights by providing a spring cleaning checklist that can help freshen up office spaces as well as other commercial facilities.

When cleaning an office, don’t forget to include the following items: (of course, Office Pride is always ready to help should your office need our service – contact us)

  • Your desktop computer – wipe not just the dust and stubborn dirt out from the keyboards, computer screen, and other peripheral devices but the inside the computer as well (e.g. organize folders, delete unwanted files)
  • Supply drawer – a drawer divider can help to sort items such as paper clips, pens, staples, and other office supplies (and throw away items that are no longer in use)
  • Filing cabinets – double check the filing cabinet to see to it that all unnecessary items are removed, consider color coding to organize important documents
  • The phone – this could be one of the germ ridden items in the office, considering how many people use it daily – cleaning and sanitizing this item is necessary
  • Binders/document holders – organize incoming and outgoing transactions by putting them in a document holder with their respective labels – this helps remove clutter from the top of any desk
  • Papers – are one of the items that take up huge space inside an office facility – keeping this item manageable is necessary
  • Decor – too many accessories inside the office such as old calendars and outdated magazines should be removed.
  • Dedicated place for meal break – instead of taking lunch at workstations, a dedicated room/space (i.e. office pantry) can be installed – food leftovers, coffee and other condiment spills at workstations are avoided.

There are several other items that are to be taken into consideration as well (that are not included in the list above) and your office cleaning technicians should be able to manage them as well.

It’s always good to maintain office cleanliness as this provides a healthier work environment and helps minimize clutter as well.

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