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Office Pride Combats Allergy Season with Customized Cleaning Services

green vacuum cleaning carpet in office buildingIt’s allergy season, and a regular cleaning maintenance schedule can remove irritants from the air that impede productivity and decrease work attendance.

Coughing, sneezing, runny noses, you name it – once allergens enter your facility, you’ll want to ensure that your desk surfaces, break rooms, door handles and more are not only properly disinfected but also rid of allergens such as pollen and dust mites that can trigger more responses. Get rid of them for good rather than letting them pile up like the tissues in your wastebasket.

Also consider your carpets where allergens settle. Spring is a great time to clean your carpets to remove those allergens and the soils, salt, gravel and dirt that has been tracked in over the winter.

Office Pride knows that the cleaning and maintenance needs of a facility are as different as the business that operates within its walls. Services are customized and Office Pride employees are trained to give your facility a thorough cleaning based on dedication, work ethic and attention to detail that combat any season where germs and allergens can especially be spread.

Cross-contamination too can impede the cleanliness of your office. Improving the indoor quality of a facility can reduce allergen responses and secure a sanitized and protected environment for your employees. We pride ourselves on our core values, and our dedication to providing high-quality services will help your office say goodbye to coughing, sneezing fits and itchy, watery eyes.

Office Pride combines the power of Green Seal™ certified cleaning products and a unique Color-Coded Cleaning System that prevents cross-contamination between high-traffic areas such as the restrooms and break rooms. Our microfiber mops, color-coded cleaning cloths and use of the latest equipment and technology ensure that your office receives its most effective cleaning ever.

We care about your employees and work environment. This allergy season and every season, Office Pride commits to providing a high-quality service that doesn’t cut corners.

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