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Janitorial Cleaning Services For Both Large and Small Businesses

There are a handful of reasons why business operators in the United States continue to choose Officepride for their janitorial cleaning services. Our outstanding dedication to what we do, professional approach, and honorable work values are just three of the most prominent qualities of our company, which, have allowed us to grow into one of the most trusted names in office cleaning services in the country. It is because of our scheduling flexibility, and ability to provide custom packages of our services that have allowed us not only to dominate the office cleaning industry, but also provide our skills to small businesses, daycares, medical facilities and churches.

You would think because our company’s name is “Officepride” we would specialize in primarily providing services to office buildings and offices. Many people do not initially realize that the janitorial cleaning services we provide are also available for them to contract for their small-scale business operation or other facility that may require special cleaning detail. In fact, Officepride has many clients who swear by our services who do not fall under the conventional label of being an “Office”. If you are curious about whether or not Officepride is an appropriate fit for your facility, just have a look at our full range list of services:

What Specific Janitorial Cleaning Services Does Officepride provide?

Officepride, is one of the most versatile full-scale cleaning providers that you will ever come across. By providing an extensive range of services we are able to meet the needs of various different clients and expand our accessibility in order to grow our own business. For this reason we have extended our list of services to include everything that a building manager or operator may need to keep his or her place of business spick and span at all times.

-Floor Cleaning
-Surface Cleaning
-Bathroom Facility Cleaning
-Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning
-Kitchen and Break Room Cleaning
-Trash Removal

What About Sanitation Services?

We understand that certain facilities such as nursing homes, medical offices, and children’s daycare centers require additional sanitation for health and safety reasons. This is why we have enlisted trained staff to deal with specific sanitation needs as well. By providing this additional service to our clients we are able to once again extend our reach and provide top-notch janitorial cleaning services to a wider spectrum of clients.

There is certainly no doubt about it- Officepride is the best choice for your cleaning needs no matter how big or small your business. We provide the best detail cleaning around and can offer flexible scheduling packages to satisfy your needs. This means, if you need your building cleaned topped to bottom every 24 hours, or every 24 days; we will do our best to accommodate your schedule and offer satisfactory competitive pricing that is kind to your budget.

When you choose Officepride for your business, whatever it may be, you’ll acquire the same dedication and attention to detail that Officepride is famous for, no matter what size the job is.

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