Flu Season Calls for Professional Cleaning from Office Pride

Using green practices and professional products, the commercial cleaning business keeps facilities mostly germ-free

As Old Man Winter settles in, so does the chance of spreading flu germs in commercial spaces. Daycare facilities, offices and medical centers are prime breeding spaces for germs. While basic handwashing and good hygiene should always be practiced, sometimes that alone is not enough to keep germs at bay. The Office Pride cleaning franchise thoroughly cleans every surface in commercial establishments with professional cleaning materials that are tough enough to handle the job.

This means a much reduced incidence of nasty germs liable to make employees and customers sick. Office Pride uses a proprietary process with Green Seal™ commercial cleaning products that keep facilities in top shape. Office Pride workers are trained to use the color-coded system followed by the commercial cleaning business to avoid cross-contamination between various areas of an office space. Office Pride delivers custom cleaning solutions for a variety of commercial establishments from doctors’ offices and medical centers to schools, daycare centers, churches and more.

Even if commercial facilities are cleaned often, germs can spread quickly during flu season. The Office Pride janitorial business franchise can work with your business to deliver a custom cleaning schedule that can stay one step ahead of germs. With your commercial cleaning needs taken care of Office Pride, your business can be a safe place for employees and visitors all through the worst of flu season.

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