Choosing an office cleaning and janitorial service provider

Keeping a workplace clean and sanitary is a key factor to the success of any business. This is the reason why companies include office cleaning and janitorial maintenance in their overall business process, and many consider hiring a janitorial service provider as the most viable option for effective office cleaning.

For those businesses that are still looking for a good janitorial service/office cleaning contractor, here are a few steps to follow:

Step 1: Begin shopping for janitorial service / office cleaning contractor by receiving price quotes. Today, there are many janitorial service providers in almost all areas so this thing should not be that difficult to do. It is important to note that when asking for a quote, a company should request for a list of services that they offer. Most will provide mopping, vacuuming, cleaning, and sanitizing of the bathroom and dusting. Some may be offering carpet cleaning a few times a year, but it may or may not be included in the quotes. The janitorial service package should be examined closely to know which provider is giving the best deal possible.

Step 2: Asking for proof of insurance. This is imperative to ensure you are not liable in case an incident happens to the technician(s) cleaning the workplace.

Step 3: Read the contract thoroughly. Many janitorial service providers want their clients to sign a contract, locking them into their service for a pretty long time (e.g. on an annual basis). Remember that such a long period is not necessary. At Office Pride for instance, the company has designed its contract with their customers on a monthly basis.

Step 4: Consider the length of experience the company has. There are office cleaning and janitorial service providers that have been around for some years and there are also those who have been in business for decades. It makes sense to choose a company with more years of experience.

Step 5: Secure references from the company. A reputable office cleaning and janitorial service provider should be able to provide references – its previous and current clients. These references are able to provide authentic, reliable information about the service provider’s performance.

Above are the steps that can be followed to find the most reliable provider possible. Keep in mind that every customer is unique and that one is free to add additional factors as part of the criteria for selection, which are specific to a customer’s need.