3 Ways Office Pride Loves Our Janitorial Service Clients

Thanks to Valentine’s Day, February is affectionately known as the Month of Love. And when you walk into any office or medical space, you’re likely to see decorations with images of cupid, hearts, and sweet messages of love.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to celebrate love all-year long?

At Office Pride, we do! We love our janitorial service clients and go out of our way to dote on them. And because we know there are plenty of choices out there, we want you to understand what makes us different.

We start with a faith-based program that is committed to honoring God and loving others. Our janitorial service program was designed by our founder Todd Hopkins nearly 26 years ago as a Master’s project while still in college. Hopkins believes that his company offers janitorial service that exceeds the client’s expectations…every time. He believes, along with the 110 other franchise owners throughout the nation that Office Pride is different because of its desire to live out Biblical principles.

With this mission in mind, there are three ways Office Pride janitorial service excels: We connect with our customers, we consistently give 100 percent, and we show we care.

The Importance of Connecting

We know what you’re thinking. Every janitorial company says the same thing, right? They all make promises of the perfect clean. So how does a business in need of cleaning service choose? Online Business Columnist, Maggie McCormick, recently wrote about the need for janitorial service. “You’ll probably find several office cleaning companies in your city, so you’ll have to choose the one that’s right for you. Though you may be looking to save money, the company with the lowest cost isn’t always the best deal,” she advises.

Solid advice indeed. That’s why we make connecting with our clients a top priority. Our franchise owners are seeking long-term relationships. So we go out of our way to establish a great working relationship, one built on trust, respect, and a genuine concern for getting the job done well.

Consistency Is King

In the world of janitorial service, providing consistent, quality work is absolutely critical. Many companies say they will honor your schedule and your specific needs. But the reality is there is high turnover in the janitorial industry. And that’s tough when you’re entrusting your space after hours. At Office Pride, we pride ourselves on delivering consistency to our clients. We consistently keep the same staff, so you know and trust who is in your building night after night, day after day. Many of our franchise owners are veterans and retired executives who understand the need to follow protocol. They are hard-working, trustworthy men and women who want to earn your business and keep you happy.

Office Pride’s reputation is built on consistently providing the best janitorial service. We’re happy to give you references to talk to our existing customers.

We Show We Care

We treat each person, whether it’s the receptionist or the CEO, with the same love and respect that we give to our immediate family and friends. Have an issue that needs to be resolved quickly? At Office Pride, we make ourselves readily available via text, email, and phone. We work out of home offices, with a central headquarters in Tampa, Florida. Any research on our two and half decade company will show happy customers. And we attribute that to staying true to The Golden Rule of treating others as we would want to be treated.

Truth is, we love what we do. Our clients are our bread and butter. So we go out of our way to spread the love, 365 days a year. To learn more about what makes Office Pride different, call us at 727-754-5990.