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Moving Your Business? 5 Cleaning Tips for Your New Facility in Bowie

Office work holding box while cleaning and moving.

Your business is moving. The time ahead should be exciting!

And while there are logistics to figure out and lots of moving parts, there are ways to minimize your stress, like having a game plan and getting your new space move-in ready.

You will be surprised how moving into a clean office will boost employee morale during a disruptive occasion. Reduce downtime and increase productivity by having your new office move-in ready. Start by following these five tips:

1.  Get Minor Repairs Fixed

If you are moving into a facility that was occupied, chances are, the former tenants did not leave your workspace in flawless condition. Now is the time to replace burned out light bulbs, mute squeaky door hinges, tighten loose handles, switch out any broken blinds, etc.

2. Look Up

Most offices have at least 10-foot ceilings. Some industrial facilities can be several stories tall. For safety reasons and the least disruption, hit these high areas before your team occupies the building. Replace stained ceiling tiles; clean the air vents, filters or ducts; and dust any fans, beams or rafters.

3. Paint

If the budget allows, a fresh coat of paint can really freshen up the look of a facility and selecting colors that complement your branding or décor can make your new space feel like your office home. But if the walls are in good condition, touch up any scuffs or scratches and consider reviving only the office entry or high-traffic areas as an affordable way to see a significant difference.

4. Clean Everything Else

This is your chance at a fresh start, so be as thorough as possible. Are the bathroom fixtures sanitized or do they need to be updated? Take a close look at the tiles; do any need to be replaced or does the grout need to be cleaned? The windows should be washed, inside and outside. If your office has a kitchen, be sure to have the insides of the cabinets completely wiped down and the refrigerator ready for use. Cubicle spaces, the lobby, conference areas, etc., should be in pristine condition.

5. Don’t Neglect the Floors

You may be surprised when stains are revealed after office furniture has been removed. It’s easier to see traffic patterns, spots and spills in an empty space. Hire a professional cleaning service before the move and then take care of the life of your carpet by having the carpet cleaned on a regular rotation. If you have a hard surface floor, preserve the appearance with stripping and refinishing, scrubbing and recoating, or buffing and high-speed burnishing.

Make sure your new space is fully ready for your team. Whether you are moving into a new space or an office that was occupied by another business, the transition will be much easier the more prepared you are. You’ll find it to be less of a challenge if you can conquer some of the major cleaning while your new facility is empty.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services delivers the highest level of service when it comes to business cleaning, janitorial services, green cleaning and total floor care for all types of flooring. We can help prep your new office with our Move Out – Move In commercial cleaning services, and we’d be delighted to stay with you as your cleaning partner.

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