Office Pride of Denver-Englewood

Meet The Owner: Rodney Lie

Having grown up in Denver, Colorado, and attending The University of Colorado, Rodney Lie has many ties to the community. He has watched Denver grow to be a powerful city with business connections that reach across the globe. He is honored to serve the people of Denver, who work hard every day to make their businesses, city and state better each day.

He started his professional career as a teacher and school administrator for 12 years. When it was time for a change, he ended up in the insurance world as an agency owner and trainer for new agents. He was good at it but didn’t love it. He wanted to own a franchise, so he conducted extensive research and learned about Office Pride at a franchise fair.

The more he looked into Office Pride, the more that their core beliefs and core values spoke to his own. He found out that commercial cleaning was an industry that provided a necessary service regardless of the economy. It was also an industry where he could offer job opportunities to people with the support of a brand that has been in business since 1992. He has been the proud owner and team leader for Office Pride of Denver-Englewood since 2008.

He says his family keeps him going and motivates him every day. His employees are also very important to him. Most of them have full-time jobs and also work as part-time employees of Office Pride to earn extra money in the evenings.

“By working for my team, our employees are able to pay off extra bills, save for things in the future, expand their needs above and beyond to enjoy time with their families and seek value and enjoyment in life,” he said. “I select people to work for our company who desire to work for paychecks with a purpose.”