Office Pride Color-Coded Cleaning System

Office Pride Sanitation Color-coded
Office Pride Sanitation Color-coded
Office Pride cares about your employees, your patients, your customers and about everyone’s who works for you and work environment!Research has proven that improving the Indoor Environmental Quality of a building improves employee performance, reduces allergen responses and reduces absenteeism along with other building related health concerns. Workers are more productive in a clean environment.Office employers are not the only beneficiaries when their tenants and staff are healthy. Customers prefer cleanliness to. In fact cleanliness [especially floors and restrooms] is the most important customer satisfaction metric over all other environmental attributes when deciding to do business with an establishment. The image that a clean facility create is a lasting one.

In today’s highly contagious environment, cross-contamination is a significant concern – from restrooms to door handles to desk tops.

Janitorial services have been largely cost driven and this cost-centered focus has led many contractors to cut corners in order to remain competitive. The result is inconsistent service using inferior cleaning equipment and less effective (and less expensive) retail chemicals.

Often we see commercial cleaners using off-the-shelf residential type cleaning products and questionable cleaning equipment and practices. For example, the same cloths used to clean the restroom often end up cleaning break rooms and other areas.

Office Pride understands cleaning chemicals and the processes that affect the indoor environmental quality of a facility.

Office Pride uses Green Seal™ certified cleaning products and the latest equipment and technology such as micro fiber mops, color coded cloths, high filtration vacuums and advanced technology floor care machines.

For our customer’s sanitization and protection, Office Pride employs our unique Color-Coded Cleaning System which prevents cross-contamination between restrooms and other office areas like break rooms, waiting rooms, exam rooms, play areas, offices and your desktop.

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“It is with no hesitation that I recommend Office Pride for commercial cleaning services. This business is built on quality and integrity as well as a customer service orientation put into practice every day. Office Pride excels in customer satisfaction and attention to detail, Thank you Office Pride.”

— Don Olson