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How does commercial cleaning help prevent the spread of the flu?

Our thorough cleaning practices can improve job satisfaction by reducing employee sick leave rates and protecting staff from productivity-reducing illnesses like the flu.

How can a dedicated commercial cleaning service protect you? High-contact surfaces, like door knobs, elevator buttons, light switches and kitchen appliances, are incubators for nasty bugs that can wipe out a staff for a week, and they’re everywhere. We take great care to disinfect high-contact areas, especially at the height of cold and flu seasons. Deep cleaning of workspaces and common areas also aids in preventing the spread of disease.

You would not want the same sponge used to wipe down a restroom counter to be used on your desk or on the refrigerator door. This unsanitary practice is more common among untrained janitorial staff than you would think. We understand the importance of eliminating cross-contamination in all work environments, including schools, urgent care and other medical establishments. Our cleaners undergo extensive training in following our special color-coded cleaning system, which ensures that cleaning supplies are designated for use in specific parts of the facility.

Office Pride of Virginia Beach can help protect your office during flu season. Call us to schedule a free appraisal today.