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Commercial Cleaning Services for Government Buildings in Tyler

Government buildings have specific commercial cleaning needs. Office Pride follows all protocols for confidentiality and security. We are bonded and insured.

Office Pride of provides high-quality janitorial and commercial cleaning services for government buildings like local, state or federal offices, courthouses and post offices. Due to the heightened need for confidentiality, privacy and security, the requirements for cleaning government offices sometime differ from those of cleaning commercial properties, retail businesses and industrial facilities. At Office Pride of , we provide secure janitorial services, and we are bonded and insured. With the public entering and exiting government buildings daily, the need for… Read More

Seasonal Cleaning with Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services in Tyler

Seasonal Cleaning with Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services

Each season comes with its own cleaning needs, and with the current focus on health and wellness, a good seasonal clean can do a business good. Studies show when an office is clean, there are corresponding increases in productivity and concentration and reductions in absenteeism and stress. Plus, cleanliness satisfies your employees and visitors. Make a good impression and maintain your office or facility with seasonal cleaning. At Office Pride, we have a menu of services we provide, no matter… Read More

Budgeting for Professional Cleaning Services

Budgeting for Professional Cleaning Services

Maintaining clean workspaces is vital for all types of businesses, from office buildings and medical clinics to schools and industrial facilities. Attention to cleanliness has never been more important. Whether your business is exploring outside cleaning services for the first time or seeking competitive bids, budgeting appropriately is an important task. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services makes the process simple and straightforward. Customizable Cleaning Plans Office Pride offers options ranging from routine janitorial services to comprehensive custom plans, based on… Read More

Keep Your Tyler Health Club or Sports Complex Clean

Keep Your Health Club or Sports Complex Clean

If your responsibility is to be sure members and visitors experience a clean fitness center, golf club, sports complex or clubhouse, Office Pride can do the heavy lifting! If left unchecked, the spread of bacterial and viral contamination in facilities like these can create a petri dish for illness. Show your members you care and encourage their continued attendance by hiring cleaning professionals to provide a healthy and clean environment. Members or visitors to your fitness center have their own… Read More

Could Your Business Benefit from Commercial Cleaning?

Could Your Business Benefit from Commercial Cleaning?

As we move forward and more employees return to workplaces, an even greater emphasis is being placed on sanitary working conditions. Many workers are now accustomed to frequent handwashing, sanitation stations and overall awareness of cleanliness standards. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services is up to the challenge of ensuring those needs are met. This is the ideal time to hire professional cleaners to keep your facilities clean and your employees reassured. Office Pride is a leader in the commercial cleaning… Read More

Commercial Cleaning Services – Are They Worth It?

Commercial Cleaning Services – Are They Worth It?

When you’re asked to cut expenses, everyone feels the pinch. But can you afford to cancel your professional commercial cleaning services? No, you cannot. One positive aspect that emerged from last year’s COVID-19 pandemic is heightened awareness of the importance of maintaining a clean, healthy and safe workplace. For the sake of your team and customers, it’s vitally important to keep using your professional cleaning company and make sure they are visible to employees and visitors to your office. Why?… Read More