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How Do You Clean an Urgent Care Facility?

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The importance of keeping an urgent care facility sanitized goes without saying. People who are ill bring with them a host of bacteria, germs and viruses, all of which can spread to patients, caregivers and staff. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to properly clean your urgent care facility. 

Determine high-traffic areas. 

Certain areas will need to be cleaned more often than others and in different ways. Consider your office’s hours and which areas receive the most traffic. Entryways, waiting rooms, reception areas, restrooms and other high-volume areas will need daily tidying, cleaning and disinfecting. From the dirt you can see to the foot traffic on the floors to microscopic bacteria on the door handles, unclean spots need to be addressed. 

Consider facility hours. 

Make sure the facility is visually clean and sanitized before the doors open each morning, and empty trash receptacles, disinfect counters and clean the floors and bathrooms every night after all patients have left. Certain areas will need to be cleaned throughout the day. These include waiting rooms and bathrooms. Restroom handles and surfaces need to be continually monitored and cleaned. High-touch areas, like handles and faucets, should be regularly disinfected. And if there is an emergency situation, such as when someone gets sick or is bleeding, proceed with best practices for medical cleaning and disposal of hazardous waste. 

Address areas needing special attention. 

Areas such as exam rooms will need special attention. Seats, exam tables, counters, shelves, doors and handles should be regularly disinfected. Counters should be wiped down and kept free of clutter or trash. Even the armrests on chairs for caregivers should be given a once-over with a disinfecting wipe. 

Clarify medical staff responsibilities. 

All medical staff should be trained for pathogen safety. This includes hazardous waste disposable, sharp object disposal, how to sterilize equipment, how to disinfect surfaces, and proper hand-washing techniques. Medical staff provide the front-line of patient care and are an important part of preventing germs, illnesses, virus, bacteria, etc., from passing from one patient to the next.  

Clean the little things, too. 

Think about all the small things multiple people touch throughout the day. Shared pens, magazines and door handles can all harbor contagious germs. Make sure to sanitize and/or replace items that are touched by many people, especially patients who might have a contagious illness. 

Consider hiring a commercial cleaner. 

A clean urgent care facility is critical to patients, staff and visitors. Find a commercial cleaner properly trained in the best practices of disinfecting and sanitizing healthcare spaces. In addition, consider having them complete your other regular cleaning needs such as vacuuming, break room cleaningkitchen cleaning, etc. Flu season can be a tough time, particularly in urgent care facilities. Setting up a daily, weekly and monthly schedule is the first step. Training and defining cleaning roles and responsibilities with your staff and hired cleaners is another important part of the process. Diligently washing your hands and sanitizing your urgent care facility, you can help prevent the spread of illness.  

For additional recommendations for cleaning your outpatient care facility, check out tips provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Partner with a commercial cleaning company, like Office Pride of The Woodlands-Spring, to provide assistance and help keep you and your urgent care facility or workplace clean throughout the year. Office Pride cleaners are equipped to handle the unique needs of healthcare facilities, including OSHA safety training and blood-borne pathogen training. Office Pride’s color-coded cleaning system prevents cross-contamination between restrooms, break rooms, waiting areas, exam rooms and other areas. Office Pride keeps Safety Data Sheets onsite and has a written exposure control plan in place. 

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