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Why Core Values Matter

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Core values, when properly incorporated into the day-to-day culture and operations of a business, can make a significant difference to employees and clients. Core values are what an organization believes and stands for. These guiding principles are often used as part of the hiring process and in training programs, and during evaluations and reviews. They also guide the daily interactions between staff members, and between staff members and clients. 

Office Pride is fortunate to be built on a set of core values that are woven into all aspects of the business. When Todd Hopkins founded Office Pride, he wanted a company that delivered exceptional results and total customer satisfaction within a framework of high ethical standards. He structured a values-based business with those goals in mind. Read more about his founding vision in “How Strong Core Values Helped Office Pride Build a Successful Franchise” in Franchising USA.

Office Pride’s values are as follows: 

  • Honor God 
  • Always do what is right 
  • Increase brand value 
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity and a hard work ethic 
  • Total customer satisfaction 
  • Go the extra mile 
  • Persevere with a servant’s attitude 
  • Accountability to commitments 

Office Pride relies on these core values in every aspect of its business, from awarding new franchises to serving customers.  

Businesses that hire Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services experience something different. The core values are included in training for all franchisees and are embraced by everyone within the franchise system. 

Office Pride franchisees realize that they are part of something larger than themselves. Whether it’s the attention to detail in cleaning a specific space (increase brand value) or cleaning workplaces perfectly and on time (hard work ethic)you’ll know you’re working with a special company. 

Not all companies incorporate their core values into their day-to-day operations or their long-term growth strategies, but Office Pride does. Office Pride franchiseebelieve in doing all things ethically and fairly (always do what is right) and going above-and-beyond to deliver service quality (go the extra mile). They are always on the lookout for happy employees who want to do their very best work and are supported by a company that shares the same values they do in their personal lives. 

When you partner with a commercial cleaning company like Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, you’ll work with an industry leader with strong core values. Call your local Office Pride for a free, no-obligation quote. Call Office Pride of Nashville-Berry Hill at (615) 323-3138.