Office Pride of Nashville-Berry Hill

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Meet The Owner: Andy Moyer

Andy Moyer is the owner of Office Pride of Nashville-Berry Hill, Office Pride of Franklin-Brentwood and serves the Southern Nashville area. He is excited to run a business that has a proven model of success, where he is actively involved in the daily operations.

He has long considered his faith to be a guiding principle in his life and sees his Office Pride business as a key example of his beliefs. Outside of his business, Andy spends time traveling with his wife and daughter, enjoying road trips and exploring local restaurants, shops and festivals.

Andy’s strong roots in faith has allowed his entrepreneurship dream to come true. Office Pride has afforded him the opportunity to own a business that can provide the community with a superior commercial cleaning experience and create local jobs –both direct benefits to both local communities and his hometown. He sees Office Pride as a ministry as well as a service business to reach customers and employees on a different level than other commercial cleaning businesses.

Andy brings a strong background in developing companies from the ground up. He has had the opportunity to work within various corporate operations and finance divisions, as well as helping to scale and manage their teams, while also building internally.  His experience in facility management is sure to be a key role in operating the Office Pride location.

Andy takes pride in running a business that provides quality jobs to the community. He is excited to bring excellent commercial cleaning to clients, while also satisfying employees with delivering a positive work environment. Andy is completely hands-on in the management process and focuses on business development through engaging with new clients and individuals across Southern Nashville.

At the Office Pride Annual Retreat, Andy was also named the 2019 Rookie of the Year.

“For the Southern Nashville community, there has always been a need for high quality commercial cleaning and dedication to the community,” Andy says. “My faith has always been my compass and I do my best to let it lead me to the next stages of my life. Providing services to both our clients and locals in the area have made me proud to be a member of the Office Pride family.”