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Helping Employees Keep the Workplace Clean

Helping Employees Keep the Workplace Clean

As you welcome more employees back to your workplace, this is a good time to review best practices for keeping the work environment clean and safe. Your leadership will set expectations for employees, and cleanliness can boost productivity in several ways. Remember, however, that although we are beginning to move past COVID-19, flu season is just around the corner.

Tips For Staying Healthy

  • Encourage staff members to stay home at the earliest signs of illness. Review the company sick leave policy with all employees. Also, if your business developed means for employees to work from home during the pandemic, consider making this option available to those who are under the weather but still willing and able to fulfill their job duties.
  • Maintain a ready supply of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer to support cleanliness. Have disposable wipes available for employees to clean keyboards, light switches, refrigerator handles and other high-touch areas. Hand sanitizer should be easily accessible, and employees who wish to continue wearing masks should be allowed to do so. (It might also minimize the effects of flu season.)
  • Urge employees to keep their work areas neat and tidy. Paperwork should be orderly, with unnecessary items filed or stored out of sight. An organized space makes it easier to find tools or documents, increasing efficiency.
  • Outsource cleaning and janitorial services to reputable commercial cleaners. Office Pride professional cleaners know the importance of both cleaning and disinfecting. It’s not enough to simply dust surfaces or wipe counters. Routine disinfection is necessary, especially in high-touch areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and break rooms. Thorough sanitizing will reduce germs and the potential for illness. Your customized commercial cleaning plan also can include cleaning office equipment, such as printers and photocopy machines.

Your employees play a role in workplace cleanliness, but you hired them for specific skills that support your business. As professional commercial cleaners, Office Pride employees are hired to take care of the serious cleaning for our clients.

Your office is a reflection of your organization and should provide a good first impression to customers, vendors and guests. An attractive lobby, a tidy work area and clean restrooms help create trust in your professionalism and ability to manage details. What do you want people to see?

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services offers a full menu of routine janitorial, sanitization, disinfection and more. To ensure a healthy, clean work environment for your employees, contact Office Pride of Westminster-Eldersburg (443) 820-3739 to request a free custom quote for all your cleaning and disinfection needs.