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Why It’s More Important Than Ever To Support Local Businesses

Summer is often considered to be a patriotic season. From Memorial Day to the Fourth of July to Labor Day, Americans happily take breaks from work to picnic, play and celebrate their country and all of those who make this a wonderful place to live.

We already know that this year is going to feel different. Largely because of the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, vacations are being rescheduled or canceled, and businesses – especially small businesses – are struggling to make up for lost time.

What could be more patriotic than supporting those small businesses? Whether it’s a family restaurant, your neighborhood pool supply store or an Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services franchise in your town, independently owned and operated businesses could use your support during this season of recovery.

During tough times, people are fond of saying, “We are all in this together.” That has never been so true.

Here are a few reasons that we all should make this a season for small businesses:

Small businesses fuel the American Dream.

The Small Business Administration reports there are 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S. Many of those are entrepreneurs who decide to buy a franchise, convert their hobby into a career or start something completely different in an effort to do something that makes them happy and supports themselves or their families. Do you know the small business owners in your town? Local business owners constitute a very diverse group! Approximately 15 million small businesses are owned by minorities; 12.3 million are owned by women; 8 million are owned by immigrants; and 2.52 million are owned by veterans.

The owners are your neighbors.

You probably know the folks who own and operate your local Office Pride franchise, dry cleaner or craft supplies shop. They may live around the corner or serve on a committee with you at your kids’ school. Maybe you go to the same church. So it feels good to support them in their business endeavors. Like you, small business owners are invested in your community and in making it a better place to live. Even if you don’t know each other well, they may recognize you, and you can count on them doing a great job and providing personalized customer service with a smile when you patronize their businesses as well as when you pass them in the grocery store.

Small businesses are local job creators.

Did you know small business owners provide employment for 55% of the U.S. workforce? When when you hire small businesses, you are also helping to support people in your community who need jobs. Your locally owned and operated Office Pride franchise hires many part-time workers, including students paying their way through college, single parents who need a second job to make ends meet and people who are saving up for a big purchase, like their first home. When you hire Office Pride to clean your office, you can feel good about offering a hand-up to the workers they employ.

Buying local supports the local economy.

Patronizing locally owned businesses helps infuse dollars into the local economy. Local business owners are more likely to use local banks, accountants, commercial cleaning companies and more. They are likely to source office supplies from local vendors and hire local restaurants to cater a big meeting or Christmas party. Bottom line: Economists say that for every $100 you spend with a local business, $68 stays in your community.

Small businesses support local organizations.

How many times have you approached the owner of a local pizzeria, hardware store or automotive shop about a cause dear to you? Office Pride franchisees and other small business owners are happy to sponsor Little League teams, dance teams, charity 5K races, yearbook ads and more in their local communities. They volunteer and they donate to fundraisers. They do it because they love where they live and work.

Consider supporting small businesses in your town, just as they support your community and its residents. Office Pride’s franchise owners are making their own American Dreams come true every day with the help of their customers and neighbors. Contact the locally owned and operated Office Pride near you, Contact Office Pride of Washington, D.C.-Crofton to request a free custom proposal.