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What Should You Expect From Your Commercial Cleaning Service? 

What should you expect from your commercial cleaning service?

Is there such a thing as “too clean? Not likely, but what is considered “clean enough” or “just right” for your office space? As a business owner or office manager, how do you set expectations for your commercial cleaning service? At Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, we want our customers to be fully informed and to expect the highest quality in everything we do. 

First things first: Expect a commercial cleaning service provider to walk through your facility. Not only will they see which areas need to be cleaned, they can determine frequency for routine items and any special processes or products required. For example, hightraffic facilities may need twice-daily attention to restrooms, while smaller offices require less frequent service. An experienced commercial cleaner also can assess your flooring and recommend how often your carpets will need deep cleaning or floors will need stripping, sealing and waxingLearn more about our services here: 

The cleaning service should then provide a detailed proposal that includes frequency, regular services provided and recommended special services that may cost extra. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services offers flexible scheduling options to meet your organization’s needs, such as night and weekend service. Routine service programs include: 

  • sweeping and vacuuming  
  • dusting (including air vents, blinds and ceiling fans)  
  • restroom sanitization and replenishment 
  • kitchen/break room cleaning
  • and trash removal  

Specialty services may include window cleaning, carpet deep cleaning or floor stripping and waxing, pre- and post-special event cleaning, pressure washing or other custom needs. Property managers especially value our special tenant move-in and move-out cleaning services.  

What else should you expect? Most commercial cleaning contractors provide their own equipment and products. You’ll want those products to be effective but also safe for your employees and customers. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services uses many Green Seal™-certified cleaning products. They are eco-friendly and may help extend the life of carpet and other flooring materials. Plus, better indoor air quality can reduce your staff’s reactions to allergens, thus improving productivity. Office Pride cleaners also use microfiber mops, high-filtration vacuums and color-coded cloths to avoid spreading germs. For everyone’s safety, Office Pride maintains Safety Data Sheets on-site for all products used in your workplaceFor peace of mind, we are OSHA-compliant, fully bonded and insured in the rare case that damage occurs during cleaning 

Finally, you should expect services to be guaranteedOffice Pride Commercial Cleaning Services sets high standards for our trained cleaners and our entire team. In addition, we tailor our services to meet your property’s unique needs. We serve banks, medical offices, schools, churches, office spaces and commercial properties, and we are sensitive to and trained in the special cleaning needs of each.  

We take the “Pride” in our name seriously, and our professional expectations might exceed your own. Contact Office Pride of Call Office Pride of Washington, D.C.-Crofton at 410-774-9236 to request a free custom proposal.