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Top 5 Areas to Be Sanitized in Your Office

Workers across America are heading back to the office. Employers are factoring social distancing strategies, determining safe staffing guidelines and looking for expert advice for cleaning the office properly.

At Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, we use industry best practices and technology to help keep your workplace healthy and safe. Our franchisees are trained in the proper usage of equipment as well as EPA-approved chemical cleaning products that are formulated to sanitize workplaces and reduce the risk of COVID-19, flu and other respiratory illnesses.

Top 5 High-Touch Areas to Sanitize

You are probably worried about the most often touched or shared spaces in your office. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services of Washington, D.C.-Crofton can sanitize any worrisome areas, but these rank as our Top 5 recommendations.

Door Handles and Drawer Pulls

Out of pure habit, people kindly hold open doors for colleagues or guests without thinking twice. They also pull open drawers or open the refrigerator door in the kitchen, leaving their own germs behind. Frequently sanitizing all door handle and drawer pulls is essential.

Elevator Buttons

If you haven’t already noticed, we bet you soon will start noticing people using an elbow or knuckle to push elevator buttons. Observe new routines and ideas that you see others trying and decide if they will work for you. On top of precautions people might take in an elevator, sanitizing the buttons and the railing daily are musts.

Restroom/Sink Faucets

A vulnerable area by nature, the restroom is a host for germs. Toilet bowls, sinks, mirrors, surface areas, light switches and more all must be cleaned and sanitized daily. Office Pride also uses color-coded and/or disposable cloths for certain types of cleaning to avoid cross-contamination between restrooms and other office areas.

Shared Eating Spaces

An office is a second home, particularly in the kitchen. It’s time to unwind, visit with the team and share a meal (and a space to eat). It’s never been more important to have guidelines in place and a sanitary place to eat.

Shared Meeting Spaces

Everyone brings laptops, notebooks, pens, coffee and water into meetings. It’s like they have brought their workspace to the meeting space – along with germs, microbes and viruses. Office Pride uses EPA-approved chemicals and follows recommended “dwell times,” which is the time that a disinfectant must remain on a surface to kill germs.

Check out our Back-to-Business Cleaning Services. We customize our services based on the needs of your office, and we have three levels of sanitizing and disinfecting services from which to choose.

Office Pride cleans for health and wellness, not only appearance. We understand that cleaning is only part of the solution, and we provide essential services on a daily basis. Office Pride routinely battles microbes, germs and viruses to create a clean and safe work environment for you and your team.

We look forward to all businesses and employees returning to work in a safe environment with established cleaning protocols. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services of Washington, D.C.-Crofton would be a great partner as you get back to business. To learn more, or to request a free, no-obligation quote, please call 410-774-9236 .