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Spring Cleaning for Your Washington, D.C. Business

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Your office may have felt like a petri dish as one team member after the other fell ill from the flu. Your team endured one of the toughest cold and flu seasons in the last 10 years, and you are ready to refresh the office with some smart and necessary spring cleaning.

It’s time for employee attendance and productivity to get back to normal. Where do you start? Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.

Office Devices, Supplies and Furnishings That Need to Be Disinfected This Spring

Electronic Devices

Gentle care must be given to expensive equipment, but frequently touched electronics can harbor germs. Consider these devices that are used daily but probably don’t get the attention they require:

Computer Mouses
Copier Keypads

Disinfectant wipes, a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol, canned air (for crumbs), a damp paper towel with a dab of soap or a damp microfiber cloth with hydrogen peroxide are all good products to freshen up your technology this spring.

Desk Chairs

Most desk chairs have arms that people touch as they sit or stand. Coworkers may sit in your chair in your absence or use it during a meeting. Think about all of the ways germs can be spread in a day, including nose-blowing, eating, sneezing and more. And then people, including you, touch the chair. The desk chair is one of the dirtiest items in an office and is frequently overlooked in cleaning. Clean your chairs with an antibacterial wipe.

Waste Baskets

Do you have to touch your trash can to throw something away? Consider the rim or lid and all the objects and hands that may touch it. Sanitizing a garbage can should be a must on a regular basis, but it is most important during and after flu season. Even if you have no-touch waste baskets, it’s necessary to give these containers filled with germs a good cleaning.

Staplers and Tape Dispensers

Often found in the copy room and shared by everyone in the office, these rarely sanitized items are easy to clean with a disinfectant wipe.

Areas That Require Special Spring Cleaning and a Commercial Cleaning Service


The kitchen is one of the main social hubs of the office. Naturally, it is a place people relax, pour their coffee, eat their lunches and chat by the watercooler. People drop their defenses when it comes to the germs that lurk in the kitchen. Areas in the kitchen that need special attention and disinfection are:

Refrigerator handles
Cabinet and drawer pulls
Coffeepot handles
Countertops and tables
Sink faucets
Microwave keypads and handles
Watercooler levers or buttons

All dishes, glasses and silverware should be run through the dishwasher on the hottest setting, and the person unloading the dishwasher should either be wearing fresh gloves, or at the very least, have washed their hands before unloading.

Spring is also a great time to clean out the cabinets and drawers and reorganize.

Lobby or Waiting Room

Your lobby may need a refresh this spring. Customers and employees value the cleanliness of a waiting area, and it’s the place a person makes their first impression. As one of the high traffic areas of your business, it’s easy for these spaces to get dirty fast. A professional janitorial service can help with some important spring cleaning.


If you have leather or otherwise wipe-able seating, disinfect.

Hard to Reach Areas

If your office has fans or high ceilings, be sure to remove dust and cobwebs.

Hard Floors

Hard surface finished floors should be maintained. Periodic maintenance, like during spring, helps prevent wear that leads to premature floor replacement. You could consider:

Stripping and Refinishing
Scrubbing and Recoating
Buffing and High-Speed Burnishing


After a winter of tracking in dirt, salt and debris, carpets need a deep extraction shampooing. Stained carpet is one of the first things your clients and employees notice. Spring is an ideal time for spot cleaning or professional cleanings.


Office Pride employee offering Spring Cleaning Services

A commercial cleaning company, like Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, can provide thorough janitorial cleaning services for your office this spring — monthly, weekly or daily. Our commercial cleaners are employees, not contractors, and are thoroughly trained to use the latest equipment and technology.

A color-coded cleaning system, like the one Office Pride uses, keeps safety at the core of cleaning and eliminates cross-contamination. Our professional cleaners are trained to use specific colors in certain locations so that the same microfiber cloths and equipment aren’t shared between break rooms, waiting rooms and bathrooms.

For your protection and safety, Office Pride uses certified Green SealTM commercial cleaning products, which are more effective than retail cleaning products, and we use them at no extra cost to the customer.

If you would like more information about our services or a free quote, please call Office Pride of Bowie, at 301-633-1504. We are ready to serve you!