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In Pursuit of the American Dream

The United States has long been known as the land of opportunity, and opportunity is the foundation of the American Dream.

Franchises like Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services give entrepreneurs the chance to live out that dream. Our independently owned and operated Office Pride locations give small business owners the chance to earn a living for their families while growing a company that provides jobs for others in their communities.

During this patriotic time of year, we would like to salute some of the Office Pride franchise owners who are living the American Dream, and share what that means to them:

Brian Overstreet

Brian Overstreet owns Office Pride of Richmond-Glen Allen in Virginia. A veteran of the U.S. Marines, Overstreet was discharged in January 1999 with a service-connected disability. He has multiple sclerosis, which occurs in such a higher incidence among veterans that the military considers it service-related.

Although he controls his MS well, it has made employment challenging. That’s one reason he decided to open his own business.

“General Patton said, ‘By perseverance, study and eternal desire, any man can become great,’” Overstreet says.

“My idea of the American Dream is that no matter what one’s background is, he can provide for his family and educate his children,” he says. “Owning our own business was the best way for me to pursue our American Dream.”

Sherryl Nens

Sherryl Nens owns Office Pride of Overland Park-Kansas City. Nens left a successful career in corporate America after getting married and having children –  premature twins. She took a leap of faith when she opened her own business in a new industry. “We reached a point in our corporate careers where we really wanted to be in charge of our own destiny,” she says. “We made so many decisions on a daily basis to help someone else attain goals and profitability that we decided it was time for us to try a business of our own.”

Nens’ American Dream sounds like a Norman Rockwell painting, with the family sitting around the table on a Sunday night. “I would like for us to be able to visit, spend time with and see family as often as we can, creating lasting memories. I want to be able to take vacations with my kids, whether it is to the beach, Disneyland, camping or skiing in the mountains. But to make this picture happen, it takes hard work and a lot of sweat equity.”

Andrea Monti

Andrea Monti owns Office Pride of Miami-Coral Gables. A native of Italy, Monti remains a partner in the packaging machines business he helped build in his native country. When he moved to the United States, he decided to buy an Office Pride franchise because he admired the company’s commitment to professionalism and ethics. “I love responsibility and I’m not afraid of working hard,” he says.

Monti’s idea of the American Dream is to achieve success through old-fashioned hard work. “There are no obstacles except those connected with any business activity,” he says. “You can succeed by never giving up, just keep going even when it is hard. You have to trust yourself and be optimistic.”

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