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How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost in Washington D.C.?

How much does commercial cleaning cost?

Most working Americans spend half the hours they are awake at the office. A clean office is just as important as a clean home. Office managers need a plan for maintaining a clean workspace to protect the health of their employees, which ultimately affects the productivity of the team. So how much does commercial cleaning cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all price for commercial cleaning. Costs vary based on client, facility and tasks. Every commercial space is different, and businesses have different commercial cleaning needs. No commercial cleaner will be able to quote you over the phone; a walk-through of your space is necessary to provide a fair assessment based on the following factors:


A good start to determining a commercial cleaning quote is the square footage of your facility. When someone comes out to audit your workspace, they should measure the areas to be cleaned, count the number of restrooms and record the different types of floors. Of course, the larger the workspace, the more personnel or number of hours it will take to clean.


The frequency with which you need to have your office cleaned depends on the amount of traffic and type of cleaning services you want. For example, a high-traffic physician’s office would require daily cleaning, whereas a small staff in an office suite might only need one thorough cleaning each week.

Type of Business and Services Needed

Different businesses require different cleaning services. For example, cleaning a medical facility is different than cleaning a bank. Medical facilities need cleaners who are specially equipped to handle their unique needs, like OSHA safety training and bloodborne pathogen training. Bank cleaners should be trained in after-hours security procedures and removal for financial institutions, including the sensitive nature of “teller trash” and confidential documents. Office Pride cleaners are trained to handle these special services and many more.

Specialty Services

Perhaps you need a one-time clean, like before a holiday party. If your office is going to shine, holiday time is particularly popular. Maybe you need a specialty service like quality hard floor cleaning or carpet cleaning services. Did you know clean floors are among the most frequently cited metrics in customer satisfaction? And don’t neglect the exterior of your company’s building. Pressure washing can make your building look as beautiful on the outside as professional cleaners make it in the inside. Factoring specialty services into your cleaning budget is a must.

The unique needs of your commercial space should be assessed by a trained professional. We will visit you onsite to appraise the job in person so we can provide an accurate quote. Call  Office Pride of Washington, D.C.-Crofton at 410-774-9236 today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation walk-through of your facility.