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A Commercial Cleaning Company Can Tackle Your One-Time Projects

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At Office Pride, our work goes beyond regular janitorial services. Although routine cleaning is essential to preventing the buildup of mold, mildew and pollutants, sometimes you need something more, like pressure washing sidewalks or window washing. Office Pride is happy to offer a variety of special services such as these as one-time projects.

A number of occasions could call for customized special services. Here are a few of the instances in which we recommend that you hire Office Pride for a one-time project:

  • The changing of seasons: When seasons change, natural pollutants and pathogens invade. Pollen, bird droppings, snow, dirt and more can collect in, on and around your office depending on your location and the time of year. Office Pride has a multitude of services available to address these conditions, including pressure-washing walls and sidewalks, washing windows, and floor and carpet cleaning. Touchless sanitizing is one special service that Office Pride offers as an efficient way to disinfect surfaces and kill pathogens that could invade your office throughout the year.
  • After a big mess: Sometimes, a big mess is inevitable. Let our trained staff help you clean up. Whether you are doing some renovations or moving into a new space, you can expect quite a bit of dust and debris to end up on surfaces that you want to be as clean as the rest of your work space. We provide post-construction cleanup services, and we also make moving day easier by cleaning the facility you’re moving into along with the one you’re leaving behind. We will even come to the rescue after a flood with emergency services for your floors and carpet.
  • Special events: Certain occasions call for extra special care. Pre- and post-event cleanup will help you de-stress and impress. Office Pride can assist you with a one-time cleaning project to put your best foot forward before your conference, office party, school event, theater performance, sporting event or even a wedding. And of course, we can take care of the mess left behind afterward, also. We are ready to meet your needs for any occasion or location.

Whether we clean your office every week or we are providing a one-time service, we aim to exceed your expectations every time. Contact Office Pride of Washington, D.C.-Crofton to request a free custom proposal.