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Help Celebrate National Custodial Workers Recognition Day

National Custodial Workers Recognition Day

Office Pride applauds the hard work our cleaners do every single day, but we are honored to help spotlight them as essential front-line workers for National Custodial Workers Recognition Day on Oct. 2 as well as Thank Your Cleaner Day on Oct. 16.

As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic and with flu season just around the corner, now more than ever, our cleaners play an integral role in protecting schools, medical facilities, office buildings, churches, financial institutions and other workplaces. While people can contribute to the health and safety of others by wearing masks, washing hands and getting flu shots to help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus and flu, the ways janitors and custodians clean facilities are equally important.

Cleaners operate behind the scenes so they often go unnoticed or forgotten. Cleaners deliver outstanding service and contribute to the critical first impression of a business. And cleaners give brick-and-mortar businesses a polished look. When you enter a place of business, shiny floors, clean countertops and spotless restrooms are immediately noticeable and always appreciated, by employees and visitors alike. Companies can thank the janitorial workers for keeping their businesses clean.

Office Pride franchise locations across America are independently owned and operated. Many franchisees hire cleaners as part-time employees who also work other full-time or part-time jobs. Some are parents, some are full-time students and some are retirees. They are all thoroughly vetted and background checked. Office Pride understands what it means to entrust the keys to your business to someone else and works every day to earn your trust and make you proud of your sparkling clean workspace.

Office Pride’s mission is to honor God by positively impacting people and workspaces. Todd Hopkins, Office Pride founder and CEO, says, “We understand the great value of our cleaners. Our franchise locations invest time and money to find the right people to carry out our company’s mission, provide expert commercial cleaning and represent our brand on the front lines.”

Use National Custodial Workers Recognition Day as a time to say a simple “thank you” or, as an extra step, send a compliment to your employer about your cleaner. It can go a long way. Be sure to thank the cleaners who will be sanitizing and disinfecting workplaces to protect so many, especially during this critical time.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services provides high-quality cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services to contribute to a healthy, clean environment for employees and customers. Contact Office Pride of Noblesville-Fishers to request a free custom quote for your cleaning and disinfecting needs.