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Your employees, customers and visitors deserve and have come to expect a clean environment – and the cleanliness of your workplace reflects on your business. Commercial cleaning is an industry with its own best practices. By hiring Office Pride of Noblesville-Fishers, you’re investing in professionals who have years of experience helping businesses just like yours reduce overhead, mitigate risk and improve employee satisfaction by delivering quality commercial cleaning services. We guarantee it!

Professional cleaning gives your customers and prospective clients the right idea by presenting well-maintained facilities as a characteristic of your brand. These first impressions communicate that you, too, value quality and attention to detail. You can rest easy knowing that the quality of our work will reflect well on your business.

Quality commercial cleaning improves productivity by boosting employee morale. Maintaining an orderly work environment for your staff starts with something as simple as wiping down a desk or emptying the trash. Taking care of these little things makes employees feel appreciated and helps them focus on high-performance tasks that generate more revenue for your company. In this way, our thorough cleaning practices help improve job satisfaction while reducing sick leave rates and protecting staff from productivity-reducing illnesses like the flu.

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There is no one-size-fits-all price for commercial cleaning. Every commercial space is different.  Some of the factors to consider include the size of your office, floor type, expected foot traffic, type of specialty service you might need and frequency of cleaning.

The unique needs of your commercial space should be assessed by a trained professional. We will come to you to appraise the job in person so we can provide an accurate quote. Call us today to schedule a no cost, no obligation walk-through of your facility.

Total floor care is a vital aspect of commercial cleaning for your business. Office Pride floor services include both routine maintenance and cleaning or periodic deep cleaning and restoration.

Examples of commercial floor cleaning services include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Stripping, sealing and waxing
  • Deep scrubbing and refinishing
  • High-speed burnishing
  • Spot removal
  • Low-moisture carpet deep cleaning
  • Hot-water (extraction) carpet deep cleaning
  • Rubber floor cleaning and restoration
  • Emergency flood service
  • Deodorization

Your facility has specific needs related to your staff and clientele. If you don’t know what cleaning services are right for you, we can schedule a free appraisal and provide customizable recommendations for the commercial cleaning package for your business.

Common services include:

  • routine carpet care
  • hard-floor cleaning
  • restroom cleaning
  • trash removal
  • kitchen cleaning
  • dusting
  • window cleaning
  • and more

We also provide one-time services like special event cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning, post-construction cleaning and other services upon request.

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No. We believe we should earn your business every time, which is why we offer an annual performance-based service agreement with no binding contract. You can cancel at any time with 30-days’ notice.

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Our location uses sustainable cleaning products to be kind to the Earth and offer you peace of mind. We use many eco-friendly Green Seal™-certified cleaning products. In addition to using sustainable products, we use the latest equipment and technology, such as microfiber mops, high-filtration vacuums, advanced technology floor care machines and color-coded cloths to protect your indoor environment.

Call for a quote for our green cleaning service.

Our thorough cleaning practices can improve job satisfaction by reducing employee sick leave rates and protecting staff from productivity-reducing illnesses like the flu.

How can a dedicated commercial cleaning service protect you? High-contact surfaces, like door knobs, elevator buttons, light switches and kitchen appliances, are incubators for nasty bugs that can wipe out a staff for a week, and they’re everywhere. We take great care to disinfect high-contact areas, especially at the height of cold and flu seasons. Deep cleaning of workspaces and common areas also aids in preventing the spread of disease.

You would not want the same sponge used to wipe down a restroom counter to be used on your desk or on the refrigerator door. This unsanitary practice is more common among untrained janitorial staff than you would think. We understand the importance of eliminating cross-contamination in all work environments, including schools, urgent care and other medical establishments. Our cleaners undergo extensive training in following our special color-coded cleaning system, which ensures that cleaning supplies are designated for use in specific parts of the facility.

Office Pride of Noblesville-Fishers can help protect your office during flu season. Call us to schedule a free appraisal today.

The frequency you need to have your office cleaned depends on the amount of traffic and type of cleaning services you need. For example, a high-traffic physician’s office might require daily cleaning, whereas a small staff in an office suite might only need one thorough cleaning each week.

We will gladly join you for a walk-through of your office to answer questions and provide recommendations that are customized to your needs. Call us to schedule a free appraisal today.

Of course! Office managers usually don’t notice how quickly cleanliness can go downhill until the office has reached the need for critical attention. Stay ahead of the curve!

Making the decision to hire a commercial cleaning service is a strategic move for your business. Office managers with overwhelming workloads and tight budgets find that outsourcing services, like maintenance or janitorial services that are out of the scope of your company’s expertise, is a workable, cost-effective solution to the headaches caused by leaning on employees or in-house teams.

Consider these benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service.

  1. Save Money
    With commercial cleaning expertise, cleaners can do better work in less time, which is cost effective for your company. Cleaning companies also are able to purchase products from vendors in bulk at reduced rates and pass along the savings to you. And you don’t have to keep up with inventory, uniforms, equipment and related expenses.
  1. Transfer Liability
    Janitorial work carries specific risks. Commercial cleaning companies handle their own liability and insurance costs.
  1. Choose Your Schedule
    Commercial cleaners offer flexible hours. Perhaps cleaning during office hours isn’t the right fit for your business. Commercial cleaners can work early mornings, evenings or weekends. You select the time that is most convenient for your office and adjust frequency based on need. During flu season or before high-peak traffic, you might scale up your cleaning with a simple phone call.
  1. Boost Employee Morale
    A clean space creates a professional atmosphere. The average working adult spends more time awake at work than at home. A clean office environment can improve productivity by boosting morale and by reducing illness and stress. Healthy employees take more pride in their work and fewer sick days.
  1. Experience Fewer Headaches
    With a commercial cleaning company handling the responsibilities of cleaning standards, staffing, schedules, background checks, OSHA requirements and insurance costs, office managers can focus on responsibilities more integral to their business.

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We hire cleaners we can count on! We are always looking for the right people – those with integrity, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile. Office Pride was built on a set of core values, and we live and work by them every day.

Our Office Pride business is growing, and we are looking for people who are motivated, reliable and trustworthy. Most of our jobs require a 4-to 6-hour shift after 5pm or on the weekend. We fully train our employees on equipment use and processes.

We want YOU on our team!

Just like you provide expertise in your business, professional cleaners are leaders and experts in their industry, too. At Office Pride, we train our staff in the most advanced cleaning methods, and because our cleaners’ work is constantly being assessed, quality control is achievable and easy to maintain.

We conduct routine inspections and we communicate regularly with office managers. We invite feedback and view it as an opportunity to improve.

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At Office Pride, we hire and thoroughly vet our own employees. No one is subcontracted. We review applications and resumes and conduct background checks.

We hire for attitude and train for success. Your Office Pride cleaner will know the details of your cleaning needs, and through routine service and paying attention to details, will provide excellent service every single time.

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