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Get Your School Ready for Orientation Now 

Summer is already flying by, and your school is preparing for the new academic year. When parents, students, teachers, administrators and staff walk onto campus for orientation, they should feel proud of their school. Cleanliness plays a big role in feeling school pride.   

What can you do to be ready for orientation day? Consider a commercial cleaning service, like Office Pride, to assess the specific cleaning needs of your school. While the classrooms are empty and the hallways are quieter than usual, take advantage of summertime to spruce up your campus. 

You have probably already thought of some key areas to clean over the summer like classrooms, flooring, and the gym and locker room, but there are other spaces that require time and attention:


The cafeteria is the hub for gathering togetherNo doubt you want everything to sparkle in the cafeteria. From windows and door handles to tables and floors, you want your commercial cleaners to start at the top and work their way down so you can start the school year with a fully sanitized eating area. 


A school auditorium requires specific attention to detail. Every chair back, armrest and anchor should be wiped down and dusted. Stains on fabric seats should be given the proper attention, and floors in the auditorium, as well as in the lobby and on the stage, should be pristine. 

Front Office 

The front office is usually buzzing with new parents, visitors and teachers. Let one of the first impressions of your school be a clean one. It’s up to staff to keep papers tidy and organized, but your commercial cleaner will make sure your windows are clear, the countertops are dust-free and the flooring, whether carpeted, wood or vinyl, look great. A shiny floor or freshly vacuumed carpet reflects well on your school.    


Unsanitary restrooms are the No. 1 maintenance complaint, which is a clear indicator that restroom cleanliness makes a memorable impression. Some commercial cleaners, like Office Pride, have a Touchless Sanitizing cleaning system, which removes soil, urine, germs, bacteria and other indoor pollutants that traditional methods could miss. The system is 60 times more efficient than wiping and mopping and eliminates odors, mold and mildew. 

Utilize summer for your school’s cleaning needs and make a great impression by shining even brighter during fall orientation. Call the professionals at Office Pride for an A+ in commercial cleaning services!