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Be Smart About Restroom Cleaning in Your Denver Office

Be Smart About Restroom Cleaning

In the wake of a pandemic, heightened hygiene is essential, especially in the restroom. Many individuals have created new restroom habits, such as using toilet paper to lock a stall door, a shoe to flush the toilet, a paper towel to turn faucets on and off and pushing the door with their shoulder or back to leave the restroom.

Restrooms are receiving extra attention from cleaning staff – and for good reason! While many facilities have restrictions on the number of people that can gather, the restrooms that are open to the public are limited, which means the ones that are available are probably over-used and possibly neglected. The importance of cleaning the restroom properly is paramount.

In a June 2020 study, scientists questioned whether a toilet flush that sends a plume of aerosolized droplets up to three feet in the air could contribute to the spread of the coronavirus. But evidence of the virus’s genetic material doesn’t mean the virus is still infectious. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports it is “unclear whether the virus found in feces may be capable of causing COVID-19.”

Commercial cleaning companies do not want their customers to feel “unclear” about their cleaning methods, and for that reason, there are a couple of “do’s” and “don’ts” regarding restroom cleaning.

Restroom Cleaning “Do’s”

Do Use an Electrostatic Sprayer or Mister

This new technology evenly covers surfaces with a commercial-grade disinfectant. There is no need for wiping, which allows the disinfectant to remain on the surface for the required dwell time. Dwell time is the time that a disinfectant must sit on a surface to kill germs.

Do Use the Touchless Sanitizing Cleaning System

The Touchless Sanitizing cleaning system removes soil, urine, germs, bacteria and other indoor pollutants that traditional methods could miss. Touchless Sanitizing is up to 60 times more efficient in removing bacteria from surfaces and grout lines than standard wiping and mopping. This system cleans areas that are not usually reached by hand cleaning, and it eliminates odors, mold and mildew and reduces the risk of disease.

Restroom Cleaning “Don’ts”

Don’t Ask Employees to Clean the Restroom

This is not the time to ask your employees to “pitch in” when it comes to cleaning the restroom. There are risks that should not be placed in the hands of untrained personnel. Professional commercial cleaners have been properly trained to use the technology and chemicals that kill viruses and germs.

Don’t Cross-Contaminate

When cleaning the restroom, it is critical that you do not use cloths to clean the bathroom in other areas of your business. Office Pride uses a color-coded cleaning system to help prevent cross-contamination between restrooms and breakrooms, waiting areas, exam rooms, offices and desktops.

Office Pride Provides Essential Services

Remember that commercial cleaners were deemed essential workers during the pandemic. Before the pandemic, businesses wanted to schedule their cleaners to come at night or on the weekends, out of sight. Now, employees and visitors to workplaces feel protected and safer at work when they see their company using professionals to clean the office – so make sure they see your investment in their health at work.

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning partner to help keep your business clean and safe, Office Pride has a proven track record for providing excellent maintenance cleaning and deep-cleaning services. To learn more or to get a free, no-obligation quote, please call Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services of Denver-Englewood (720) 515-2008.