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Proper Care for Your Finished Floors

May 15, 2021 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

Finished floors are relatively low maintenance. However, you should have a plan to maintain your flooring with the help of an expert. At Office Pride, we clean your floors for safety, appearance and cleanliness and follow a routine maintenance program that helps protect your floor investment and bottom line. Did you know that facility appearance... READ MORE

Quality Floor Care for Your Office

April 15, 2020 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

Prolong the life of the floor in your office with preventative floor maintenance in addition to regular cleanings. To replace flooring is a huge expense, so it is critical to talk to a commercial cleaner about the best way to take care of the flooring you already have. Offices, retail spaces, financial institutions, medical facilities,... READ MORE

Why you Need Professional Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

August 15, 2019 | AUTHOR: Office Pride

Mopping and Sweeping Are Not Enough Business managers who work in carpeted office spaces likely know that carpets need professional cleaning several times a year. From regular vacuuming to spot removal to hot-water extraction, professional carpet cleaning extends the life of the carpet and keeps the office looking fresh. However, tile, vinyl, hardwood and concrete... READ MORE

Office Pride delivers a suite of floor care services from routine maintenance to more advanced maintenance and spot removal among others   For a business, foot traffic is good. It means more customers and better revenues. But that comes at a cost: constant wear and tear on your floors. Imagine the grass clippings, leaves, winter... READ MORE

Office Pride floor care services includes hardwood and regular carpet cleaning to kill germs and keep businesses looking their best A clean workplace from the ground up is important for many reasons. It projects your business in the best light possible. Equally important, cleanliness means fewer germs and more productive employees. While many commercial facilities... READ MORE

Commercial cleaning business handles all flooring and carpet and is an especially important proposition when dealing with winter foot traffic   Old Man Winter is right around the corner and that means high-traffic floors get a worse beating than ever. Snow or ice tracked in on muddy boots damage the look of your business. Winter is... READ MORE