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Your Office Refrigerator – Naughty or Nice?

Refrigerator door with condiment bottles

The Thanksgiving potluck is over. Colleagues are bringing in holiday treats galore. The office refrigerator is already overstuffed with forgotten Tupperware filled with lunch leftovers, mystery items wrapped in foil and out-of-date salad dressings, condiments and coffee creamers. In fact, the refrigerator looks like it might burst open at any given moment. If this describes your office refrigerator, it just might be on Santa’s naughty list. 

Forgotten foods not only take up valuable space but also can turn your office fridge into a petri dish of bacteria. Stuffed refrigerators can cause internal temperatures to rise to dangerous levels and food to rot.   

A community refrigerator is a nice luxury at work. If everyone pitches in to take care of their own belongings, the job of keeping a healthy refrigerator is much easier.   

10 Ways to Get Your Office Refrigerator on the Nice List  

  1. Post food safety signs. 
  1. Read food labels for storage recommendations. If there is a question as to whether an item has been refrigerated properly, toss it.  
  1. The FDA advises to “let it breathe” by leaving space for air to circulate between containers in the refrigerator. 
  1. Keep your refrigerator at 40 degrees. If your office refrigerator does not have a built-in thermometer, place a refrigerator thermometer in the middle to the front of a shelf. 
  1. suggests you arrange food in order by shelf. Shelves should be ordered from lowest cooking temperature on the top (foods that will be served without cooking) to highest cooking temperature on the bottom (meats)
  1. Email consistent reminders to check the fridge to help reduce the chances of food spoiling and exposing other foods to harmful bacteria. Otherwise, take turns on Fridays throwing out perishable items.  
  1. If food looks or smells funny, or if you can see mold forming, discard the item immediately. 
  1. Wipe up spills immediately with hot soapy water. 
  1. Place an open box of baking soda in the back of the refrigerator. Replace the box every three months. 
  1. Wash hands with hot soap and water before using the refrigerator, especially if employees type on keyboards or answer phones throughout the day. Providing sanitary wipes also helps prevent the spread of germs on the refrigerator door handle and drawers. 

If left unchecked, an office refrigerator quickly can become a breeding ground for germs. Some companies choose to hire a service that will clean the fridge routinely. Office Pride will clean your refrigerator as often as you request. We want your team to stay healthy and productive.  

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