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You Host the Party; We Clean Up

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Whether you operate a business, school, church, hospital or other commercial facility, the holidays can be a somewhat hectic – and challenging – time of year. Traffic increases with holiday visits and festive parties, weather changes can cause disruptions with tracked-in snow and salt, employees might battle winter colds or even the flu, and food and decorations can start to take over work spaces. There’s a lot to keep track of to keep your workplace tidy, clean and sanitary for your employees, customers, clients and guests.


One of the most important things to do is make sure the restroom is in top shape every day. A clean restroom makes a wonderful first impression. If you are hosting a holiday party at your office, make sure that paper towels and tissues are well stocked to meet the needs of increased traffic. Clean out the trash receptacles before the party and make sure someone is tasked with monitoring whether bags need to be replaced mid-party. Wipe down and sanitize the toilet, sink and door handles before the event, and clean the mirrors and mop the floor before guests arrive.


Holiday decorations bring a lot of life to your business space! Consider regular traffic patterns and tuck away extension cords so that no one trips over them. Make sure lights have been safety-tested and that paper decorations stay away from heat sources. Also, ensure that areas that require regular cleaning are still accessible. After the holidays, gently remove pieces of tape, tacks and clips from walls, and either toss or pack away decorations neatly for next year.


Nothing says Christmas like the annual influx of baked goods from employees, vendors and guests. Designate a specific area for those tasty gingerbread men, iced cookies and holiday chocolates. Put out disposable plates and napkins for people to use when they grab a treat on-the-go. This will help reduce crumbs on the countertop and floor. Make room in the fridge for pre-party appetizers and post-party leftovers. Before you close for the holiday, throw out all perishable foods and use the time to make a clean sweep of the refrigerator, removing expired salad dressings and fruit past its prime. Consider a professional cleaning of the fridge at this point to start the new year off right!

One-time Cleaning

The holiday season can be a great time for one-time cleanings. Increased foot traffic, parties and seasonal weather all can lead to extra wear and tear on your space. If your office will be closed for a few days, consider scheduling an annual or semiannual heavy floor cleaning or appointments for general maintenance and paint touch-ups.

Office Pride can provide the expert commercial cleaning care you need for your business, along with exceptional customer service. As one of the nation’s most respected full-service commercial cleaning companies, we provide services to businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, banks and more. Whether you need help during the holiday season or commercial cleaning throughout the year, Call Office Pride of Rancho Cucamonga-San Bernardino at (909) 376-9407 to request a free custom quote.