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Rancho Cucamonga Retailers: Prepare for the Holidays with Commercial Cleaning  

Rancho Cucamonga retailers want to shine during the holidays. Use Office Pride’s specialty services, like window and floor cleaning, to provide an optimal shopping experience.    

Ah, the holidays – the prime time of the year for retailers. Between providing Black Friday specials, fulfilling holiday wish lists and tackling after-holiday sales, your retail store is likely to see substantial foot traffic during the holiday season, and you must be ready. Be sure to schedule your commercial cleaning early, so the holidays can be a clean sweep for your business! 

Retail Cleaning Musts During the Holidays  

Sparkling Windows 

Window displays are a great way to excite your customers by showcasing your products for the holidays, so be sure your front windows are clear and streak-free. Beautiful windows are your business’ first opportunity to make a great first impression on a potential customer. Shiny windows paired with your special holiday display will immediately increase curb appeal and the curiosity to peek in to see what’s inside. Office Pride’s commercial window services keep your store looking professional and inviting, inside and out. Over time, residue leaves glass cloudy, dull, streaked and difficult to see through. The exterior of your windows needs attention, too. Exposure to rain, sprinklers, wind and debris stains and spots your windows. Give your windows the extra care they deserve before the holidays. 

Shiny Floors 

Upon entering the storemake a polished impression with ultra-clean floors. Dull floors during the holiday season are a no-no when everything should be bright and cheerful. The holidays are a great time to get rid of scuffs and dust. The appearance of your flooring helps set a cheerful tone. Let your clean floor enhance your holiday décor, like a great pair of shoes would complement a suit. From carpets to hard surface flooring, Office Pride offers quality floor cleaning services. Did you know that clean floors are among the most frequently cited metrics in customer satisfaction surveysMake a great impression, especially during the holidays, with a shiny floor or clean carpet  

Clean Restrooms 

Your customers are enduring the hustle-bustle of the busy season, and some will certainly ask to use your facilities. Seventy percent of Americans say they’ve experienced a dirty public restroom. The most common complaints are lack of toilet paper and paper towels, clogged toilets, broken stall doors and nasty smells. You can help make holiday shopping a complete win for your customers by keeping your retail restroom pristine. Keep soap and paper towel dispensers stocked and have plenty of toilet paper for the extra traffic visiting your store. Cleaning the restrooms is important work that must be done daily. If you want to leave it to the professionals this holiday season, Office Pride can get you on our schedule.  

Office Pride can take care of your commercial cleaning services for your retail business during the holiday season, while you focus on your customers and your products. As you prepare for this special time of year, Call Office Pride of Rancho Cucamonga-San Bernardino at (909) 376-9407, to receive your free quote for the special cleaning services you need from our expert team.