Why Green Cleaning is Important for a Healthy Office Environment

There are very few people who recognize the health risks that they face when they come into contact with toxic cleaning products. At Office Pride we are dedicated to helping create safer workplaces by using 100% green cleaning materials. In today’s blog we are going to share our top 3 tips for creating an environmentally friendly green clean office space.

1. Quick fixes aren’t always the most green solution

Many people are looking for a quick fix for odors and disinfecting. Air fresheners and fabric protectors have been linked to endocrine system issues. We advise that offices stay away from using spray air fresheners or protectants. These can be hazardous to the health of your employees and clients.

2. Reading the labels is the key

Office cleaning products these days will be marketed as environmentally friendly. However a close inspection of the label will help you sort the real green products from the imitation ones. You will want to be weary of cleaning products that do not list all of their ingredients. Be on the lookout for cleaning ingredients that are known to be green and are easy to understand.

3. The technology you use to clean should be green also

In order to have a truly green clean space you will want to use cleaning technology that is also green friendly. Make an effort to choose a commercial cleaning company that uses green cleaning processes and machines. Look for energy efficient vacuums and cleaners.

In this day and age green cleaning is important for a healthy office environment. For very little additional cost businesses can create clean office spaces without any health risks for their employees. The current trend in office cleaning is green and environmentally friendly solutions. When you are choosing a commercial cleaner for your office space this is something important to take into consideration.