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What You Need To Know About Your Commercial Cleaners – And Your Quote

What You Need To Know About Your Commercial Cleaners – And Your Quote

You wouldn’t ask a copy machine salesman to manage your social media, so why would you ask your own team to handle commercial cleaning responsibilities? Your business has its area of expertise, and commercial cleaning companies have theirs.

Business cleaning services are as specialized as they are important. Because you care about your employees and your customers, it’s important to keep them safe and healthy with a complete cleaning and disinfection program managed by a professional cleaning company.

Why do you need professional cleaners? Here are some things you should know about who’s cleaning your office and how to read a commercial cleaning quote.

What To Know About Who’s Cleaning the Office

Hiring an uninsured company, or asking members of your staff to clean the workplace, might save money in the short term, but it is not worth the risk. In some cases, your business could be held responsible for lost items, damaged items or medical treatment.

Who would be held liable should something be broken or someone get injured depends on who is doing the cleaning.

It is unlikely that something would be damaged or lost during your cleaning service or that the cleaners would be injured on the job. However, should an accident happen, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that professional cleaning companies such as Office Pride are bonded and insured.

If you use a cleaning company, make sure it is OSHA-compliant. As an OSHA-compliant professional cleaning company, Office Pride has served large and small companies for more than 28 years. Our franchisees are professionally trained in proven techniques and technology, as well as in the safe use of cleaning products such as powerful disinfectants used to kill germs that cause COVID-19, flu and other respiratory illnesses.

Finally, you want to ensure the cleaning team assigned to your office is trustworthy. At Office Pride, cleaners are background-checked. Cleaners show up uniformed and on time, and many franchisees verify their hours through an electronic timekeeping tool for efficiency and security purposes.

What You Need To Know About Your Quote

There is more to reading a cleaning quote than looking at the bottom line.

Does the quote detail which services are included? Is the quote tailored to your location so you don’t have to pay for services you don’t need in a preset package? Does the cleaning company have flexible hours?

Office Pride customizes service plans to meet your specific needs and to work around your schedule. Because Office Pride offers comprehensive cleaning programs, you also can request recommendations and quotes for specialty services such as carpet or floor cleaning, deep cleaning and other services that might be needed less frequently. That way, you will have the information in advance so you can schedule it at an optimum time. This also means that the carpet cleaners coming in to clean your carpet once per quarter, for example, are cleaners you already know, so you don’t have to entrust your keys to someone new.

Request a free, custom quote for janitorial or special cleaning services from an Office Pride franchise near you today. Check out our locations or call 888-641-2310.