The True Cost of Using Dirty Sanitation Tools

Office Pride’s color-coded systems and professional cleaning tools prevent cross-contamination in office cleaning

Would you get rid of a tree stump using a kitchen knife? You need the correct tool to fit the job.

The same theory should extend to commercial office cleaning jobs, but it’s surprising just how many vendors continue to use inefficient residential cleaning supplies where industrial-strength materials are called for. Worse, in the interest of shaving off a few dollars they often use the same sponges and other materials from room to room. Instead of getting rid of germs, they might inadvertently be helping to transport them.

The true cost of dirty tools is a direct hit on your bottom line because of sick employees and absenteeism. Office Pride has more than 25 years of commercial cleaning experience and prides itself on delivering professional office cleaning that will make your business stand out and equally important, protect your employees from harsh germs at the workplace. Fewer germs at the workplace often lead to healthier employees, which in turn makes for increased productivity. There’s a direct correlation between the cleanliness and sanitation of your business and your official bottom line.

Office Pride combines Green Seal™ certified cleaning products with the latest equipment and technology, including micro-fiber mops, high-filtration vacuums and advanced technology floor care machines. Office Pride’s cleaning professionals are trained to work with our color-coded system which has been an effective way to stem cross-contamination. Break rooms, restrooms, waiting rooms, exam rooms, and even desktops get their own special treatment.

And before you think that such an efficient and well-executed office cleaning system might bust your budget, Office Pride offers comprehensive cleaning services at affordable prices. What’s more, Office Pride doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Each business receives a custom quote and Custom Cleaning Specification (CSS), which can be tweaked over time as needs evolve.

Pride in our work, honesty and integrity are values woven into our mission. Green and efficient office cleaning supplies, our color-coded cleaning system and our core principles of customer service and always going the extra mile mean our clients receive top-notch cleaning that always makes their business shine.

Learn more about Office Pride’s color-coded cleaning system and call us for a free quote.

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