The Best Commercial Cleaning Franchise For Veterans in The U.S!

Office Pride is not just another commercial cleaning empire that only cares about its profits at the end of the year. Office Pride, is the best commercial cleaning franchise because it cares about people especially, members of the Office Pride family. This is why we are pleased to share the word that Office Pride was named the one of the top franchises for U.S Military Veterans in the U.S. by the Franchise Business Review back in November.

According to Franchise Business Review, Office Pride was rated amongst thousands of competitors as of the best franchise opportunities for Veterans in America. This comes as no surprise as Office Pride’s franchise programs has been especially design to help franchisees not only succeed but thrive under the Office Pride banner. By providing extensive training and support to new franchise owners, Office Pride helps to set all of their team members up for success from the get go. When you sign purchase an Office Pride franchise, you are provided with all of the tools and knowledge that you require to grow your business and become an independent business owner. Even individuals without any previous business experience can still learn how to operate and manage a successful Office Pride branch.

Veterans, who are looking for a new career following years of service, can purchase an Office Pride franchise with a 10% discount through the VetFran program. (Vetfran is a program oriented towards U.S veterans to help them transition and find new opportunities following service.)

Office Pride’s key values and well-established reputation are just two of the many reasons why the Office Pride Cleaning Franchise appeals to individuals who previously served in the opportunity. The things that Office Pride stands for, such as integrity, and perseverance as well as independence and prideful work make Office Pride an excellent transitional opportunity for anyone who is already invested in these beliefs. Veterans can also take advantage of the fact that Office Pride is a well-known and respected franchise name that many people will be eager to employ. This helps to assure a fruitful future, with regular work and room for growth.

Office Pride, continues to be one of the most sought after commercial franchises in the country. Heading into 2015, Office Pride is poised to continue to grow as more and more people aspire to become successful self-employed business operators with the assistance of Office Pride. It is refreshing to see Office Pride recognized as an outstanding business opportunity for veterans in the U.S. This is just one more notable achievement for the best commercial cleaning franchise in the county.