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Staying Safe in the Workplace Is More Important Than Ever

Staying Safe in the Workplace Is More Important Than Ever

United Nations Calls Attention to Safe Workplace Practices as Pandemic Continues

Many workplaces have changed dramatically over the last year. Since the World Health Organization first declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March 2020, businesses have implemented frequent sanitization and disinfection services, rearranged furniture to allow for physical distancing in the office and created policies that allow employees to work from home. Health officials stress businesses and employees must remain vigilant going forward.

On April 28, the United Nations will mark the annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The observance started in 2003 to stress the importance of preventing accidents and diseases in workplaces around the world. This year, the UN is using the occasion to address the outbreak of infectious diseases at work, specifically COVID-19, and to talk about safe practices in workplaces during the recovery phase of the pandemic and in the future.

The UN website says: “We have learned from past crisis that workplaces can be of vital importance to prevent and control outbreaks. Adequate safety and health measures at work can play a crucial role in containing the spread of the disease, while protecting workers and society at large.”

The heightened awareness of the role that cleanliness plays in a safe working environment has prompted commercial cleaning companies to expand their services, invest in technology and change many of their standard operating procedures.

Expanded Service Offerings

At Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, cleaning for health and wellness as well as appearance has always been a priority. As the pandemic took hold, Office Pride expanded its menu of services to offer three levels of sanitizing and disinfecting services to meet every customer’s needs. Those three levels of service remain available to Office Pride customers:

• Level 1: Our signature high-quality cleaning services, which keeps the health and safety of employees and customers in mind.
• Level 2: Our signature cleaning services plus disinfection of high-touch surfaces to ensure a clean, safe work environment.
• Level 3: In addition to our signature cleaning services and disinfection of high-touch surfaces, Level 3 services include the sanitizing and disinfecting of your entire office.

Investment in Technology

To offer efficient and thorough disinfection, Office Pride franchises have invested in electrostatic sprayers, devices that offer highly efficient methods of applying commercial-grade disinfectant. Electrostatic technology is the new standard in infection control.

An electrostatic sprayer places a positive charge on the liquid before it enters the nozzle, allowing the maximum levels of liquid to be charged and distributed onto negatively charged surfaces (most surfaces are either negative or neutral). The electromagnetic spray allows the liquid to more completely cover the targeted surface and to be applied faster, using less liquid. Electrostatic sprayers and misters allow a technician to apply disinfectant without touching a surface.

Revised Operating Procedures

One major change for Office Pride franchise owners was the need to provide personal protective equipment, or PPE, for all employees. Front-line workers like the cleaners at Office Pride locations were designated essential, which means they were allowed to work during lockdown periods – but those cleaners were at risk of exposure. Office Pride franchisees ensured that cleaners had adequate supplies of gloves and face masks, as well as gowns or jumpsuits and goggles for cleaning buildings where employees had confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Protect Your Team and Customers

Health officials note that that employers have a legal and moral obligation to keep their workers safe.

Businesses should encourage employees to take reasonable precautions to protect themselves and their colleagues. Health officials say business owners should encourage employees who are sick or exhibiting the symptoms of COVID-19, flu or other viruses to stay home. Employers also are advised to provide hand soap and hand sanitizer, basic cleaning supplies and PPE like masks and gloves in case workers need them while at work.

Employers can do their part by hiring professional cleaning services to routinely sanitize and disinfect workplaces. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services has a proven track record of providing excellent sanitization and disinfecting services that can support the good health of your workforce. Check out Office Pride’s franchise locations or call 888-641-2310 to request a free custom quote for your cleaning and disinfecting needs.