Office Pride Takes Health and Cleanliness to the Next Level with Color-Coded Cleaning

officepride sanitation colorcodedOffice Pride takes its commitment to providing clean, safe work environments to the communities it serves seriously – and research has proven that improving the indoor environmental quality of a building improves employee performance and satisfaction while reducing allergens and absenteeism. It’s clear that workers are more productive and happier in a clean environment, and customers appreciate sanitary conditions, especially restrooms and floors.

But workplaces can be a cross-contamination nightmare – between door handles, restrooms and desk areas, there’s no end to the ways that germs can spread. And in an effort to cut costs, many commercial cleaning companies also cut corners – at the expense of their clients.

That’s why Office Pride has put into place the Color-Coded Cleaning System, which prevents cross-contamination between restrooms and other office areas such as break rooms, waiting areas, exam rooms, play areas, offices and desktops using color-coded products, cloths and instruments.

For more information on Office Pride’s unique Color-Coded Cleaning System, click here.