Office Pride, Proudly Listed As The Best Janitorial Service Company in The U.S

This spring Office Pride was once again listed as one of the best janitorial service companies in the United States. For several year’s now Office Pride has received outstanding reviews from both clients and employees as one of the best janitorial office cleaning businesses, and as one of the best places to work. The reason for this is because Office Pride continues to demonstrate it’s founding values in the way that it carries out business and provides services for it’s customers. This is particularly significant because while other cleaning businesses open and close each year, Office Pride Franchises continue to go strong. In fact, every year the Office Pride family grows as more entrepreneur franchisees purchase Office Pride franchises and open them in different cities throughout the country. This success doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon and it is all because of Office Pride’s core value system.

What Are Office Pride’s Core Values?

For those who are visiting our Office Pride blog for the first time, the core values of Office Pride include:

• Honor God

• Always do what is right

• Increase brand value

• Demonstrate honesty, integrity and a work ethic

• Total customer satisfaction

• Go the extra mile

• Persevere with a servant’s attitude

• Accountability to commitments

By upholding these value standards throughout the Office Pride business model, Office Pride is able to assure that they always deliver excellent service.

Because Office Pride continues to emphasize their core foundation value system their franchise attracts operators and employees with similar belief systems and attitudes. These beliefs and attitudes are what drive Office Pride towards success. We like to say that without them we are “just another janitorial cleaning service”.

Ask anyone who the best commercial cleaners are and chances are they will mention Office Pride. Widely known for the wonderful service that they provide Office Pride continues to set the bar for what an excellent commercial cleaning business looks like.