Office Pride Corp, The Best Commercial Cleaning Franchise in The United States

In 1992 Office Pride’s founder and CEO Todd Hopkins was working on his MBA at Butler University, and one of his projects was to come up with a viable business plan. Now, many years later that University school project has become one of the best commercial cleaning franchises in the world. How did he do it? Well to begin with he interviewed other successful cleaning franchise show runners and asked they what they would do differently. Then he came up with the unique model that Office Pride was built upon.

By following the expert feedback that he received from the other cleaning franchise owners, Todd came up with a platform for Officepride. However, it was his desire to create a faith-based business that really set the groundwork for Office Pride’s success. You see, one thing that Todd realized about business today is that there is no moral component and value system in place. This makes it very difficult for the franchise employees to take pride in the work that they do. Office Pride is different because all of their workers subscribe to the same faith oriented value system. They are also given opportunities’ to grow within the business as well as possibly operate their own successful Office Pride franchise.

To prove his business idea would work Todd started as an Office Pride cleaner him self. He operated the very first branch of Office Pride out of his own home, cleaning the offices at night and working to grow his business during the day. Over time, Office Pride began to catch on. Now, there are over 100 franchises across the United States. Making Office Pride one of the most successful commercial cleaning businesses in the country.

A Business That is Led By God

Even today the backbone of Office Pride continues to be faith based. What this means is that everyone who works under the Office Pride banner adheres to a faith-based value system. The teachings in the bible influence everything that Office Pride does, from how they conduct business, treat their employees and interact with clients. At Office Pride everyone is treated with respect and dignity. They encourage their employees to take pride in their work and celebrate their role as part of the Office Pride family!

There certainly aren’t a lot of businesses left like Office Pride. On the surface they may look like any other commercial cleaning business but on the inside they are a company built up on hard work and a prayer. Obviously, Todd Hopkins must have been on to something as Office Pride continues to grow and expand across the United States. A business that started as a mere school project has grown into one of the best office cleaning franchises in operations today.