Office Pride A Commercial Cleaning Franchise That Continues To Grow!

When you own an Office Pride commercial cleaning franchise you are part of an elite group of people who take customer service and personal values very seriously. For years both customers and employees have helped the Office Pride franchise continue to grow. This has helped Office Pride become one of the most recognizable cleaning franchises in North America! Thanks to the dedication of both operators and customers who believe in the same important values that Office Pride was originally founded on.

While the rest of the world focuses on their bottom-line and making the most money that they possibly can, Office Pride has stuck to its original faith-based principles. New Office Pride franchisees are encouraged to also operate following the original Office Pride values. This is how Office Pride has been able to continue to stand out as a great business that is both profitable and ethical.

The Core Values of Your Commercial Cleaning Franchise Matter!

When you invite someone into your place of business you want to know that they are trustworthy, responsible and reliable. By following faith-based principles of operation Office Pride is able to offer the peace of mind to their customers and maintain a reputation for being one of the most trusted commercial cleaning names out there. In fact, by being thorough and selective about whom they hire Office Pride can ensure that their staff uphold these same values in the workplace. Meaning, when you hire an Office Pride professional to clean your space you can feel like you are in good hands.

What Are The Office Pride Values?


Respect for both clients and employee is one of the central values of the Office Pride business model. Franchisers understand the importance of showing respect towards their clients.

Employees are also honored with respect with incentive payment and fair wages that help them achieve their own goals.

Hard Work

Office Pride is always working hard to assure total customer satisfaction and attention to detail. By going above and beyond to provide the best professional clean that is available Office Pride is able to build and grow their own business through referrals and regular clients.

Basically, by doing the best job possible, Office Pride demonstrates that nobody else can do it better.


Lastly, Office Pride is a business designed on Biblical principles, which means that they must operate with utmost integrity. All of Office Pride’s business dealings are honest and professional. Office Pride staff and franchisee’s believes that is important to always doing what is right, as well as to persevere with a servant’s attitude.