It’s Time for Spring Cleaning in Your Commercial Facility

The days are getting longer, the snow is melting, and it’s that time again – spring cleaning time.

office pride cleaningOffice Pride understands the special challenges presented by the return of warm weather, especially regarding floor care. All winter long, people have been tracking in salt, dirt and gravel that can significantly shorten the life of the carpet or hard floor of your commercial facility. The sun is out, and it’s time to clean up winter’s mess, which begins with the floor.

Routine periodic floor maintenance is an important component of the longevity of your commercial facility. This maintenance will drastically prolong the life of your flooring, and though it may cost a bit more than your regular upkeep, it will save you bundles in the future.

Other spring cleaning tips: don’t forget that some of your equipment has been dormant for months, so it’s good to get the HVAC system and air conditioning inspected to make sure it’s in decent working order once the weather necessitates its use. Additionally, you may want to do a deep clean of the facility including vents and make sure all windows are clean and clear.

Between weather changes, precipitation issues and inspections, it’s a lot of work to do spring cleaning for a commercial facility. That’s why you need experts on your side. Click here to find an Office Pride near you – we’ll set you up with a unique cleaning plan to fit your needs.